Mitch McConnell Has Choice Words For Pelosi On ObamaBidengate Inquiry

You should probably sit this fight out, Queen Nancy

(Breitbart) “I’d say to the speaker, after the impeachment, you — you’re not in a position to be lecturing us about what the appropriate use of Senate time is,” he said. “The House of Representatives is arguing before the Supreme Court that they’re still looking at yet another impeachment. They’re arguing that before the Supreme Court this week. Look, this is the legitimate oversight responsibility of the Senate.”

“There was a lot of apparent misbehavior going on in the opening of those investigations into General Flynn and others,” McConnell continued. “And so Ron Johnson, the head of Homeland Security, has got subpoenas out for Hunter Biden. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has laid out a series of hearings and people that he wants to call to come testify. If the House can spend time on a baseless impeachment effort, then we should at least have oversight over what happened to initiate this whole process a couple of years ago.”

Pelosi’s House wasted innumerable time on their Russia Russia Russia inquiry, along with the Ukraine inquiry. They wasted time on their $3 trillion coronavirus bill, which they knew had exactly zero chance of being discussed in the Senate. It’s so bad, so full of liberal wishes, that it isn’t even being considered as a starting point for discussion. And, considering Pelosi has essentially kept the House out of session for months, she doesn’t have much to talk about.

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    That number is bigger than Canuckistans population. HAD ENOUGH YET !?!?

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