Americans Haven’t Forgotten About ‘Climate Change’ During Bat Soup Virus

Do you believe that the climate has changed, that it has gotten warmer since 1850? I do. Because there have been multiple warm and cool periods during the Holocene alone. The debate is on causation, not warming. But, hey, good news, people polled haven’t forgotten about ‘climate change’

Americans See Climate as a Concern, Even Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Americans’ positions on climate change have remained largely unshaken by the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis, according to a new national survey that showed acceptance of the reality of global warming at record highs in some categories.

In the report, Climate Change in the American Mind, written by researchers at Yale University and George Mason University and scheduled to be made public on Tuesday, 73 percent of those polled said that climate change was happening, which matches the highest level of acceptance previously measured by the survey, from 2019.

The percentage of people who are “extremely” or “very” certain that it is happening has risen to a record high, 54 percent. And 62 percent accepted the established scientific view that global warming is mostly caused by human activity, a level also tied with the figure for 2019.

That seems like good news, right? Of course, the question from the survey in section 2 “Global warming beliefs”, is simply “do you think global warming is happening?” I would answer yes, because it doesn’t differentiate between anthropogenic and natural, or some combination of the two.

The new survey also found that two out of three Americans said global warming was either extremely, very or somewhat important to them personally, and more than four in 10 said they would be personally harmed by the effects of a warming planet. Nearly half said global warming would affect people in their community, and a majority said they were at least moderately interested in news stories about climate issues, including actions by government.

You know what is missing from the study? A question on how much of their own money they would be willing to spend/give up to solve their beliefs. Also, how much of their own freedom, liberty, and choice they would give up.

We also learn from the survey (chapter 5)

More than six in ten Americans (64%) say they “rarely” or “never” discuss global warming with family and friends. Fewer than four in ten (36%) say they discuss global warming “occasionally” or “often,” but that reflects a 10 percentage-point increase over the past five years (since our March 2015 survey)

Two in three Americans (66%) say the issue of global warming is either “extremely” (13%), “very” (24%), or “somewhat” (29%) important to them personally.

So, people are very engaged, think it is important, they just don’t bother talking about it. Must be super important, eh? People care in theory. Most people do not care in practice. Seriously, this super important poll only used 1,029 adults.

And, the NY Times article can’t help itself in Trump bashing and such and linking Bat Soup in

Dr. Maibach agreed. The loss of 90,000 American lives, he said, “has been a very powerful and bitter lesson in the need to listen to experts.”

The experts said that 2.2 million would die. Other nations had the same kind of predictions. Certainly, many measures have helped reduce that number, but, experts were making all sorts of dire predictions, just like with ‘climate change’. What prognostications from climate cultists have actually come true?

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