Bummer: Working From Home Might Not Be Better For The Planet

First they wanted us working from home, happy that we would all be using a lot less in the way of fossil fuels. Of course, that’s not good enough for the Cult of Climastrology

Working from home may not be better for the planet, study says

Working from home may not be better for the environment in the long-term as it could be offset by emissions in the home and additional car journeys, according to a study from the University of Sussex.

Road transport has halved worldwide during the lockdown as commuters are forced to stay home, contributing to what will likely be the biggest drop in carbon emissions in history.

Working from home has been touted as one of the most likely long-term impacts of the pandemic, as both employers and employees adjust to more flexible behaviours.

But maintaining a work-from-home lifestyle after the lockdown has lifted is likely to lead to emissions being offset elsewhere, the study by the university’s Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions has concluded.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t with these Cultists.

People are also likely to use their newly disposable time and income taking more journeys and buying more goods that have associated carbon emissions.

Damned people trying to live your lives instead of hunkering down and enjoying this test drive of Modern Socialism

Furthermore, much of the energy savings from the office are simply transferred to increased electricity and heating at home.

Damned people living a modern life with energy and stuff

“If people are going to spend their saved money on something else, there needs to be government policy in place to make sure the industries that are providing these goods and services aren’t doing so in a way that offsets environmental benefits.”

Damned people daring to spend the earnings from the fruits of their labor on stuff, so, Government has to control this.

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