Scottish Government Votes To Patronize Women By Giving Them Free Feminine Products

Obviously, the Scottish government thinks women are not capable of earning enough money to buy pads and tampons. Rather a sexist opinion, right?

Scotland’s parliament just voted to make pads and tampons ‘free.’ CBS News reported ‘the US could be next.’

Scottish parliament voted almost unanimously on Wednesday to provide “free” feminine hygiene products to anyone who needs them, by offering pads and tampons in certain public spaces to the tune of an estimated $31 million annually.

The move makes Scotland the only country in the world to offer “free” sanitary products to all women, and CBS News — citing a proposed bill by a Democratic congresswoman from last year — reported that “the U.S. could be next.”

Reuters reported that “The Period Products (Free Provision) Scotland Bill passed through its first stage with 112 votes in favor, none against and one abstention.” The second stage involves members offering amendments to the legislation.

As it stands now, the proposal would mean the Scottish government would pay to make sanitary products available free of charge at places like pharmacies and community centers “for anyone who needs them,” according to the BBC. The country already has a federal policy of providing such products at schools and universities.

In other words, the money will just magically appear from the Money Unicorn to pay for this. It certainly won’t be all the taxpayers, right?

The bill’s sponsor, Monica Lennon, celebrated the measure as a “milestone moment for normalizing menstruation in Scotland and sending out that real signal to people in this country about how seriously parliament takes gender equality,” The Washington Post reported.

Scotland’s new law is in response to the movement against “period poverty,” the concept that not all women and girls can afford sanitary products. A gender-equality activist movement has taken hold of the issue, arguing that it is the government’s responsibility to provide feminine hygiene products to the public or at the very least reduce or remove so-called “tampon taxes” on such items.

Let’s be honest: despite all the SJW yammering, this is really about patronizing women in order to attempt to buy their votes. Nothing more, nothing less. If Democrats truly attempt this here in the U.S., there will be all sorts of flowery talk but it will still be about buying votes using Other People’s money. But, as they, and the Scots, are doing this, they’re basically saying that women are too stupid to be able to earn the small amount of money necessary for these products.

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12 Responses to “Scottish Government Votes To Patronize Women By Giving Them Free Feminine Products”

  1. This isn’t entirely a bad thing. The total cost isn’t that high. The likely consequence is that the “Scottish thing” kicks in soon and this distribution will be limited to generic products made by lowest bid contracts under the NHS. Most women will ignore it in favor of buying brand named products that they are accustomed to along with all the shapes, sizes and materials they prefer. Just like public health condom distribution in the USA is always the cheapest off-label condoms the government can buy in bulk. Sure, it’s pandering, but not as socially damaging as most of the other things government insists on.

  2. John says:

    Teach did you read the part about “for whomever needs them “
    My guess is that most women will continue to purchase them
    The Scottish government also gives away free condoms
    Socialism !!!
    And the Commandant of the USMC has ordered the removal of ALL Confederate paraphernalia and symbols from all installations
    ‘Merica !!!!
    Teach can you see a trend here ?
    The Commandant has also spoken quite.clearly about climate change

    • formwiz says:

      The quote is, “for anyone who needs them”, so he really can’t even copy and paste.

      And the Commandant of the USMC has ordered the removal of ALL Confederate paraphernalia and symbols from all installations The Commandant has also spoken quite.clearly about climate change

      The Marines exist at the pleasure of Congress. We really don’t need 2 land armies (hey, there’s a nice part of the budget that could be cut), so they have to suck up to the Lefties when necessary.

      • Formwiz. Of course, it’s not just the Marines. Conservatives seem to grant universal approval to the uniformed services while insisting on “draining the swamp”. The military services are all government employees, under the control of the executive branch and funded by Congress. They are as much the Swamp as the Department of Education.

        • formwiz says:

          There’s a Constitutional requirement for defense.

          Could we do it cheaper? Sure. We did that from Yorktown to Pearl Harbor. The rest is history.

          Is there stuff that could really be cut? Absolutely. Congress forces a lot of projects on the military they don’t want. Congress has forced the military to take homosexuals and other deviants. Congress is forcing the military to admit women into combat arms.

          You want to talk swamp, that’s where to start.

          • At the risk of being accused of attacking you, I would like to point out that the military is a fully willing accomplice in what Congress wants to do “to ” them. High ranking Military officers are very socialist in their outlook. It comes from being in a career field where the government takes care of their every need and they learn to expect absolute authority over everyone lower in rank than themselves. They literally treat junior enlisted men and women like they are children.

            One day the highest generals in the Army were telling Congress that openly accepting homosexuals into the military was contrary to good order and discipline. The next day the same generals were universally telling Congress they fully supported full acceptance of all those fine patriotic American homosexuals and that they just could not defeat Al-Quaida without them. I mention this as only one example of how the military reacts to political direction. In the Obama administration, it was full acceptance of trans-sexuals. Generals were falling all over themselves to pretend they were for it all along.

            This isn’t all bad. I’m just saying that the US military reflects the society it serves, including all of the extremes, all of the political factions, and all of the moral failings. It is no more, not more less deserving of respect than any other public servant, like your local firemen or even the guys to repair the power lines after big storms.

      • John says:

        My guess is that you did not choose to have the honor of serving in that Corps

    • Jl says:

      Geez, John-get a clue. “The Scottish government gives them away for free….”. They’re obviously not free as the Scottish taxpayers have paid for them, no doubt from the 20% Value Added Tax that’s tacked on to most goods and services, in addition to an income tax rate of 41% for anyone making more than the equivalent of 56,000 US dollars.

  3. John says:

    Well you are correct I can’t even cut and paste
    But that is because I am not home alone sitting in front of a computer that has those capabilities
    I am using a smartphone while waiting for my turn to park at a loading dock
    As far as the USMC is allowed to exist only because of the lefties ? Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion even the stupidest ones

    • formwiz says:

      No, that’s a fact. The Corps at a legally mandated strength of 3 divisions was justified after WWII as a counterweight to the Army in case of a military coup.

      Thank the Democrats, especially the New Dealers.

      • I’m pretty certain that modern congresspeople don’t know that or agree with it and that they have the authority to overturn it with the stroke of a pen for no better reason than to sell of some premium San Diego property to insider developer friends (example: see Fort Ord). The fact is, the USMC has a very strong and active lobby in Congress. They are more precious to politicians than the NRA, the SEIU and the Boy Scouts put together.

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