Support Groups Help Climate Cultists Deal With Their Grief Or Something

There are all sorts of support groups out there. AA helps folks with their drinking problems. You have ones for drug use. Ones for folks who have been in combat. These are real things, as opposed to worrying about minor changes to the climate which have happened many times in the past. And now this nuttiness is starting to reach mainstream outlets

From the article

As the planet continues to deal with the effects of climate change, the American Psychological Association says more people are dealing with eco-anxiety, “a chronic fear of environmental doom.” Two women, Aimee Lewis Reau and Laura Schmidt, have created a ten-step program to help people cope with the psychological fallout associated with climate change. They joined CBSN to discuss the issue and talk about the group they co-founded, The Good Grief Network.

“Climate change is here. It’s happening. It’s impacting our lives. We have to build personal resilience, be empowered, make changes and then steady ourselves for the future,” Schmidt told CBSN.

Schmidt, co-founder and executive director of the Network, explained that as an environmental studies major she was disturbed by the reality of climate change and by the government’s response to it.

“I saw that no government was taking it seriously enough and that caused me a lot of eco-grief and climate anxiety,” she said.  “And so what we did is designed a program that can help other people move from that place of despair and disempowerment to building community. Really feeling the weight of the world, but in a good way, in an empowering way, that allows us to make change once we come together and see we’re not the only ones feeling this deep despair.”

So, it doesn’t really help people move on from feelings of doom, nope, it just attempts to redirect those feelings into being nutty activists who go to climate marches (and leave all sorts of trash). It doesn’t sound very healthy from a mental standpoint. It appears as if this all just reinforces those feelings of doom.

The stressful feelings that parents face surrounding climate change is exactly the type of stress APA associates with eco-anxiety. The research concludes “watching the slow and seemingly irrevocable impacts of climate change unfold, and worrying about the future for oneself, children, and later generations, may be an additional source of stress.”

You really need to take a few and watch the video at the link. It is hilarious in their crazy.

Schmidt said The Good Grief Network follows a system with a ritual and a step-by-step process to treat the affliction, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA’s is not nutty. They also do not charge you a minimum of $20 to download their e-manual. Or recommend your “donation” be $100.

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