Most House Democrats Play Coy On Impeachment

Most House Democrats know, either from being smart enough to figure it out, or, most likely, being told by others, that actually attempting impeachment won’t work out well for them. Poll after poll show that the majority of Americans do not want impeachment. Even most Democrats do not want it. It’s an electoral loser. But, they’ve dug this hole with their Trump Derangement Syndrome, counting on the Mueller Report early on. They really have no evidence, despite all the Democrats, such as what Excitable Adam Schiff and Crazy Jerry Nadler say they have. Russia Russia Russia has failed. So….

House Democrats blur lines on support for impeachment

House Democrats facing pressure from constituents back home over the August recess are increasingly blurring the lines on where they stand on impeaching President Trump.

While about 30 Democrats have announced support for beginning the impeachment process in some form since heading back to their districts for the summer, none have said they’d be ready to vote to immediately impeach Trump when they return to Washington next month.

Only about 20 Democrats are on the record saying outright that they believe Trump should be impeached, according to an analysis by The Hill. But most have long been vocal proponents of impeachment for months, if not years, and well before former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress before the start of the House’s six-week August recess.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) gave many Democrats cover when he said this month that his panel is already effectively conducting an inquiry to decide whether to recommend articles of impeachment as it reviews potential abuses of power by Trump, stating in a CNN interview that “this is formal impeachment proceedings.”

Democrats on the Judiciary panel are also battling in court for grand jury material underlying Mueller’s report, arguing they need the information in order to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment.

That has led many Democrats to make announcements in recent weeks merely stating that they support the existing investigations, and without actually expressing outright support for impeaching Trump.

For most, even if they support impeachment, they are moderating their language, trying to empower the nutjobs while playing coy for the majority of voters

Still, liberal groups like Indivisible, MoveOn, Need to Impeach and Stand Up America have ramped up pressure on Democratic lawmakers while they are home in their districts for town halls over the six-week break, demanding they back a formal impeachment inquiry.

There’s the danger when your major, primary backing groups are hyper-leftist nutjobs, and keep pushing the party even further left. How do you patronize them, soothe them, while not causing the rest of the voters, along with Independents, the unhinged #NeverTrumpers, and even some squishy Republicans, to vote Democrat?

This is their own bedbug ridden bed in their cockroach infested room they’ve made. How do they ride it out?

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  1. formwiz says:

    O, Teach, say it ain’t so.

    - Jeffery L Keene

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