Comrade Bernie’s ‘Climate Change’ Plan Will Require Nationalization Of U.S. Energy Production

It may seem like beating a dead horse on Comrade Bernie’s version of the Green New Deal, but, it’s important to keep exposing this kind of stuff, which is generally believed by a lot of Democrats, and which shows that this whole schtick is more about Big Big Big Government that wanting to solve the climate crisis (scam). This is the type of thing they do in Fascist governments

Bernie Sanders indicates climate plan will require nationalization of US energy production

The “Green New Deal” proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., seeks a complete transition to “energy efficiency” and “sustainable energy” — much of which would be owned and administered by the federal government.

During an appearance on MSNBC Thursday night, Sanders told host Chris Hayes that the U.S. needed an “aggressive” federal approach to producing electricity and nodded after Hayes claimed he proposed a “federal takeover of the whole thing.”

Sanders agreed with Hayes’ assessment that he wanted to create a “Tennessee Valley Authority [TVA] extension for the whole country.” “You can’t nibble around the edges anymore,” Sanders added.

Surprise? Why does it seem that no matter the issue, the answer from Democrats is to empower government with more and more power? Except with abortion, where they want zero government involvement, except to fund them with taxpayer money?

Sanders has claimed that his $16 trillion plan would “pay for itself,” something Heritage Foundation scholar Nick Loris suggested was ridiculous.

“Sanders’ plan would cause energy prices to skyrocket, bankrupting families and businesses and empowering the federal government to control America’s energy economy,” he said in a statement provided to Fox News. “And what would we get for it? A change in the earth’s temperature that’s barely measurable. The Green New Deal isn’t a ‘climate thing’ at all. Turns out it’s a green-glossed Trojan horse designed to increase government control over the economy.”

And, since these people would then be getting lots of “help” from the Central Government, they would then be more beholden, and would vote for the party that keeps the money train rolling. Funny how that works.

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4 Responses to “Comrade Bernie’s ‘Climate Change’ Plan Will Require Nationalization Of U.S. Energy Production”

  1. HAL P says:

    We must remember that comrade Bernie was and is still very enthusiastic about Venezuela’s socialism.

    And we see how Venezuela has ended up this is his vision of America.

  2. You can have a socialist “solution” without force. Of course, connected people will still be exempt.

    • Kye says:

      “You can have a socialist “solution” without force. ”

      I believe history refutes that statement.

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