Good News: Trump’s Wall Is Child’s Play Compared To Comrade Bernie’s Green New Disaster

We’ve discussed Comrade Bernie’s insane ‘climate change’ plan. Here’s David Von Drehle’s take, which was allowed to be posted in the Washington Post

Trump’s wall is child’s play compared to Bernie Sanders’s climate plan

If you cross a Missouri cow pasture and don’t look where you’re stepping, chances are you’re going to wind up with a certain substance on your shoes. Same goes for voters trying to get from here to Election Day.

Not like we haven’t heard some lies already. Trade wars aren’t a good thing; they aren’t easy to win; there’s no big, beautiful, see-through wall with solar panels on it along our southern border; and Mexico didn’t pay for it. This election cycle, though, rampant unreality knows no party. On one side, we have the Fabulist in Chief. On the other, we have the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

The wall is child’s play compared with the risible fantasy that Sanders has rolled out in lieu of an actual climate change strategy. It’s hard to know where to start with this document — but here are a couple of the, uh, high points:

Sanders will replace or scrap all aircraft, the vast majority of cars and trucks, most buses, trains and ships; hundreds of power plants; and much of the electrical grid — which is what he would have to do to reach his promised “100 percent renewable energy for electricity and transportation.” And he will do this by 2030. That’s 10 years. Boston’s Big Dig took 20.

He will spend $16.3 trillion on this project, but he promises to recoup a fair chunk of that money by suing companies for doing things that aren’t illegal (i.e., fossil-fuel companies for contributing to carbon emissions).

Do I need to mention again that this would cause serious problems for the lives of citizens, who would suddenly be left with worthless property while owing quite a bit of money to financial institutions, have little means to go anywhere, and skyrocket their cost of living? Heck, how would they build anything, be it homes, businesses, etc, without fossil fuels? You don’t move a big old backhoe without fossil fuels. And all the other things I’ve mentioned previously

On he goes, across the entire economy and through all facets of daily life, waving his magic wand. Poof — no more mobile homes. Ping — nuclear waste vanishes. Fizzit — labor unions restored to former glory.

Let me be clear: I support concerted action to mitigate climate change. I’m just not sure make-believe is the best way to do it. Sanders was on the right track four years ago, when he put a carbon tax at the center of his climate plan. It’s a bold step with bipartisan support. And a president who worked extremely hard and effectively for three or four years might be able to pass it. Asked by reporters why he no longer supports the tax, Sanders replied that it doesn’t go far enough.

So Daniel is no “denier”. He wants things like a carbon tax (which would skyrocket the cost of living, but, not as bad as Comrade Bernie’s plan).

Of course, it’s part of a president’s job to paint a bold vision of America’s future. But the art of leadership includes the politics of the possible. Much can and should be done to speed innovation and encourage efficiency while greening our energy supply. Much can and should be done to improve educational opportunity and affordability. Much can and should be done to rationalize our crazy health-care economy. Let’s make room for some ideas that don’t assume the next president will have dictatorial powers and a grove of money trees.

That’s all Democrats have, and that’s who Democrats are. Again, call them what you want: progressives, socialists, communists, etc, their basic platform is Fascist. It’s based on Authoritarian principles. Kamala is running around saying she will use executive power to ban guns, among other things, just like the rest of the contenders. And so few Democrat voters stop to think that this would be really bad for their own lives.

Oh, and also in the WP

His tweets on the subject do not dissuade me from this, either.

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4 Responses to “Good News: Trump’s Wall Is Child’s Play Compared To Comrade Bernie’s Green New Disaster”

  1. ST says:

    Video: Having A Dog Can Help You Have A Healthy Heart, Study Finds | NBC Nightly News

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host quoted:

    If you cross a Missouri cow pasture and don’t look where you’re stepping, chances are you’re going to wind up with a certain substance on your shoes.

    Same thing happens if you listen to a commenter from Missouri.

  3. Dana says:

    You needn’t worry about Hugh Hewitt. His concluding paragraph is:

    I’m hoping Sanders is the nominee. A choice, not an echo campaign on climate change, is what we need. “There ain’t no middle ground.” Let’s put that to the people in a Bernie Sanders-Donald Trump vote. Sweep aside the pretenders and get to the candidate who is genuinely serious about changing everything to save Mother Earth. That’s Sanders. By about 14 trillion bucks total.

    Mr Hewitt sees the Washington state votes for former candidate Jay Inslee’s proposals, and he’s thinking, in a contest between Messrs Sanders and Trump, the President will win in a landslide.

  4. Dana says:

    Our host’s blog footer says, “Pirate’s Cove is powered by Pure Neocon Pirate Evil.” I’m thinking that the esteemed Mr Teach isn’t much of a neo-conservative, given that the neo-cons favor things like open immigration and mostly liberal domestic policies. Really, their only connection to conservatism is their belief in a strong United States military, power projection, and an aggressive foreign policy based on pushing American interests. They support homosexual ‘marriage’ and while they’ve been silent on the recognition of ‘transgenderism,’ tthey’d probably go along with that as well.

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