The Climate Change Scam Is Making Warmists All Sorts Of Crazy (Part Lots)

It’s a circular problem: high poobah’s in the Cult of Climastrology make Dire Pronouncements Of Doom, which are then broadcast by the compliant Credentialed Media, filter to the Warmist blogs and such, out to social media, with the Doom being magnified each time. Then they tell us how much this is giving people all sorts of mental health issues and such, and then the people say they are having mental health issues, which gets printed, which makes more a bit nutty

From not having kids to battling anxiety: Climate change is shaping life choices and affecting mental health

Revelle Mast wanted to be an architect when she was a kid. She changed course in high school, deciding to pursue chemical engineering to address the threat of climate change. But, last year, she made another life decision: to go into politics.

“I realized about a year ago that was not feasible on the time scale that climate change is happening,” Mast said. “Nine months ago, I quit my engineering job and went full time into political work.”

As global warming – the gradual increase in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere –accelerates, people are grappling with the idea that disastrous conditions may appear as soon as 2040. The reality of this potentially existential crisis greatly impacts the way some people, especially those who have dedicated their lives to stopping climate change, make life decisions – whether that’s going vegan, living in a certain part of the country or deciding against having children. It even impacts their mental health.

People living in the Medieval Warm Period would wonder what’s wrong with these wankers

Maunus dived deeper into environmental issues in college and learned how the crisis implicates every part of our society. Now, she’s a political and legislative coordinator for the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led movement advocating political action on climate change.

She lived through two hurricanes, things that have always happened, so, decided to be a professional nag.

Christene Dejong would be awake at 2 in the morning, panicking over impending environmental “apocalyptic scenarios.”

She was always aware of environmental concerns, the Amherst, Massachusetts, native said.

But after the 2017 Paris Climate Agreement withdrawal coupled with the 2019 U.N. report that says up to 1 million species are at risk of extinction, “some switch flipped and I just started freaking out all the time.”

This anxiety has gained so much traction in the national consciousness that it is starting to needle its way into popular media. On an episode of the popular HBO drama “Big Little Lies,” the daughter of one of the main characters has a panic attack while learning about climate change.

Again, that’s where all this press coverage is coming from: a stupid TV show.

Paluszeck, of Burbank, California, has attended meetings of the Good Grief Network, a support group based in Nebraska for people to talk about their climate anxieties. It is known for its 10 step model for personal resilience and empowerment.

The founders, Laura Schmidt and Aimee Lewis Reau say that “Good Grief is what happened when we kept digging into these issues” of climate change and anxiety surrounding it. They two are originally from Michigan but moved to Nebraska to work on this project.

Their goals are to make people confront the “collective despair” that is felt by those who feel that climate change is inevitable, as well as “come together in community,” according to Reau.

Collective nutjobs.

Mast, who is a trans woman, had to make her decision on having kids when transitioning. She decided against it, and so she didn’t bank sperm.

“That was a decision I made when I was 24 that I’m not having kids because the climate can’t take it,” said Mast, who’s from the San Francisco Bay Area. “By not having kids, I can devote that much more of my life toward fixing this crisis.”

If you’re banking sperm, you’re a man. Not a woman. These same yahoos yammering about the science of man-caused climate change cannot even understand basic biology.

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2 Responses to “The Climate Change Scam Is Making Warmists All Sorts Of Crazy (Part Lots)”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    It is easy to be a doomsayer in todays age. Whenever a tornado touches down…..were all going to die because it is on tv. I am in my 60’s and last month was the first time I ever saw a tornado in person with my own eyes since I was born. I lived in Texas for 25 years so was in tornado Alley and now live in another state where tornados are pretty active though not really tornado alley.

    Hurricanes, ice melting, a myriad of things and were all going to die. Let me tell you a bit about something I have noticed in the last dozen or so years.

    The MSM and by that I mean ABC, CBS, NBC and not the cable channels. We know they are over the top for ratings. But the MSM talk almost daily about storms and the weather. They show a typical rain storm sweeping through the south as catastrophic. Even though they have been sweeping through the south since forever. A small scale flood in Georgia is proof that we are all going to die. OH they dont say this but its implied heavily. Anderson Cooper during the Houston flooding found a spot, kneeled down and made it look like the water was chest deep when in fact it was ankle deep where he was at.
    These networks are always having something uplifting to say about minorities. I HAVE ZERO PROBLEMS WITH THAT. I think its great, but its always in the context that without new laws making America a communist nation these people would never exist. They cannot tell a good story without it oozing politics all over the edges of the story. The implied result is obvious when you watch it. Vote for a democrat and you will FEEL GOOD. The other guys. Not so much.
    Whenever they talk about a conservative, a cop, the military it is almost always a Debbie downer story. They do not actively trash the police and military but it is rarely a feel good story and it oozes with contempt around the edges. The moral. Cops and the military are bad.

    In short. I was watching a Harvard professor who HATES TRUMP, discussing how the media is manipulating votes and none more so that Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. He said he and a team has been studying this for 6 years, even before trump and the results is that the social media platforms move voters to the left anywhere from 2.5 million on the low end to upwards of 12 million on the high end depending on the election. It was 12 million voters for Obama in 2012 and 2.5 million for Clinton in 2016.

    His take is though he despises Trump he favors a free and independent press in which the facts are presented and the people make their choices. He too is suggesting that Google, and the rest of them need to be broken up. Their influence is too high given they are PRIVATE COMPANIES run by billionaires with a huge leftist bias which does not bode well for free democracy in this country.

  2. alanstorm says:

    No, climate change is NOT shaping life choices and affecting mental health. The constant propaganda drumbeat of apocalyptic scenarios pushed by our ignorant media is shaping life choices and affecting mental health.

    Two VERY different things.

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