Seattle Passes Green New Deal, Arrests Climate Kid For Vandalism

People were totally terrified of the climate crisis (scam), and willing to pay a lot more in taxes and fees and lose their choice

Seattle City Council passes Green New Deal resolution

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously Monday in support of a resolution for a Green New Deal.

Many people testified in favor of the city acting quickly to address the climate crisis, and the crowd was standing room only.

Emma Nixon brought her two young children to the council meeting.

“We are terrified that they will die an early and terribly tragic death because of the impact we humans have on our environment,” she told the council.

The Green New Deal would remake the economy with clean energy, to act on warnings from scientists that climate change will be irreversible unless drastic action is taken by 2030.

“If we need to be climate pollution free by 2030, what we’re talking about is no more fossil fuels in our city,” said Councilman Mike O’Brien, who led the effort on the council.

Who wants to be that O’Brien, and the vast majority of attendees, took fossil fueled trips to city hall?

The resolution does not make specific policy but does envision a fund to raise and spend money on green projects.

Mayor Jenny Durkan has already proposed a tax on home heating oil to help pay for transitioning the 18,000 city homes that still use it.

So, wait, they’re going to tax people heating their home, using an abundant and cheap method, to help pay for forcing these same people to move to a more expensive method? I don’t want to hear any complaining from you Seattle climate cultists about this.

(Crosscut) The resolution states that while the city has made some steps towards the goals listed within it, “that progress is insufficient to make the necessary changes to shift Seattle’s economy to be more equitable and ecologically sustainable.” The resolution suggests that financing of these actions be taken with “progressive revenue sources” and public funds.

Have fun with all the higher taxes and fees, which will skyrocket your cost of living, while also making it harder and more expensive to power your domicile. No whining, Progressive Seattlites, since this is what you wanted.

The police are always standing down in the face of the violent leftists, but, a little girl performing vandalism? That’s easy. The story is a hoot, though

The Seattle Police Department drew criticism after officers arrested a crying 13-year-old girl who had accidentally used spray paint, instead of washable chalk paint, to write on a wall at Seattle City Hall during a climate-change protest Friday afternoon.

According to videos and conversation posted on Twitter, one of the adults supporting the children’s protest brought a case of the wrong kind of paint.

A 25-year-old man was arrested along with the seventh-grader, according to a Seattle police blotter post that said officers were responding to a report of vandalism and that building security said they saw people damaging the building facade. Reports on Twitter said the adults who brought the paint were also questioned.

There’s a pretty big difference between spray paint and chalk, and, regardless, it is vandalism. And, perhaps these climate kids, who’ve been brainwashed and dragged to these events, should learn that there are consequences to their actions.

Former mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver weighed in on Friday evening, saying the officers could have instead turned the incident into a teachable moment.

“Imagine if instead of arresting this little girl the cops had helped her clean it up. Imagine if they had thanked her for her service for protecting the planet,” Oliver wrote. “That kind of public service would have actually been transformative and accountable.”

Not their job. That just entices more Bad Behavior.

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20 Responses to “Seattle Passes Green New Deal, Arrests Climate Kid For Vandalism”

  1. ROBERT SYKES says:

    What does the circle roman ten stand for?

  2. Dana says:

    The resolution does not make specific policy but does envision a fund to raise and spend money on green projects.

    Oh, so it doesn’t actually do anything? Yeah, resolutions like that really are easy to pass.

    Mayor Jenny Durkan has already proposed a tax on home heating oil to help pay for transitioning the 18,000 city homes that still use it.

    Well, of course he has!

    The differences between heating oil and natural gas where emissions and efficiency are concerned are negligible, and heating oil — which is basically diesel –is a bit safer; it doesn’t explode, and with an ignition point of 140ºF, you can drop a lit match into it, and it just goes out.

    But converting a heating oil system to natural gas can be very expensive, and if your furnace isn’t designed for a conversion kit, it’s usually less expensive to simply install a new furnace. Perhaps, just perhaps, His Honor the Mayor doesn’t realize that there might be poor people in his fine city, people who can’t afford to convert their heating systems.

    Then again, he’s probably thinking that heating system conversions will be to electric baseboard or heat pump systems. Sparktricity isn’t without its own CO2 emissions, of course, as the majority of power generation comes from natural gas and coal fired generation plants.

    Winters in Seattle are actually quite mild, so there’s not a lot of heating needed, but when you get a really cold day, depending on a heat pump for your heating, well, you’d better keep a sweater handy!

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      It may not accomplish anything but look at those nifty t-shirts.

      Lolgf losers.

    • John says:

      90% of Seattle’s electricity homes from renewables
      Low low low carbon footprint
      Seattle also pays only 10.5 cents per kWh
      Less than 1/2 what Teach must pay for his coal fired power

      • formwiz says:

        Seattle is cold and damp.

        Have fun with the heating tax, Lefties.

      • gitarcarver says:

        John cherry picks as usual:

        The 11.2 cents per kWh Seattle households paid for electricity in June 2019 was 19.4 percent less than the nationwide average of 13.9 cents per kWh. Last June, electricity costs were 20.1 percent lower in Seattle compared to the nation.


        At $3.410 a gallon, Seattle area consumers paid 21.2 percent more than the $2.814 national average in June 2019. A year earlier, consumers in the Seattle area paid 13.8 percent more than the national average for a gallon of gasoline.

        Total energy costs for the average household in Seattle is HIGHER than the national average.

        Seattle also has more hydroelectric power available because of it’s location. For years environmentalists have attacked hydroelectric because of the harm to the environment.

        • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

          One should excuse little Johnny retard, it’s rice pudding Wednesday at the nervous hospital in Queens.


          • Doom and Gloom says:

            See its this kind of stuff(John’s post) that if left unchecked becomes fact. Just like Seattle is dying video does not exist and the politicians in Seattle ignore the problem for some bizarre reason. The reason of course is that if they ACKNOWLEDGE it is a problem then they have to figure out a way to bleed their already highly taxed citizens out of more money to address the problem.

            Sad too because once Rhode Island acknowledged the problem and addressed it, RI is now pretty cleaned up and drug addicts have a chance at life once again. Most democrats compassion(Politicians) only runs as far as the voter booth.

  3. John says:

    Dogs dying in NC from toxic algae?

  4. John says:

    nah largest lake Lake Horacing has now been closed because of that blue green algae that killed those dogs in the South
    This is what a “minuscule” 2C increase in temps can do

    • david7134 says:

      So to help the dogs, we should have high taxes give up our wealth and endorse global communism. Then the dogs will be ok.

      Or maybe as recent studies have implied, the CO2 influence is a hoax.

    • formwiz says:

      As I said above, no globull, just bunny suit drinking in the John.

    • gitarcarver says:

      This is what a “minuscule” 2C increase in temps can do

      Sorry John, but wrong again.

      As someone who actually sees algae blooms and has listened to the so called “experts,” the blooms are caused by more nutrient rich water. In the case of the Indian River Lagoon, people were told the cause was run off from grass clippings and fertilizer. Governments instituted bans on clippings and fertilizer and the blooms didn’t go away.

      Experts were called in from outside of the area to find out why the water was more nutrient rich.

      Turns out it is from human waste that the local governments were charging people to clean, but actually dumping into the lagoon. It was also discovered that waste from South Florida was being shipped up to us for disposal by putting it on dry land. That meant more waste into the water tables and ultimately the lagoon.

      In the case of the dogs being killed, it is thought that excrement from dogs and other pets that people failed to pick up and just kicked into the stagnant pond caused the nutrient enriched water and the following algae blooms.

      In other words, the very governments that you say are the solution to every problem was the cause of what is going to cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

  5. david7134 says:

    My daughter lives in Seattle and your comments have little to do with reality.

    By the way John were have you been the last few years? I am guessing jail.

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