Biden Has A Plan To Jail Insurance Industry Executives Who Oppose His Obamacare Based Plan

So far, Obamacare is not doing particularly well during the debates, with the majority of the Love Democrat Island coming out against it, saying it was awful and did not work. But, then their is Joe Big F’ing Deal Biden. Remember his plan?

His plan allows illegal aliens to purchase insurance through the exchanges. When does Joe Wilson get an apology? Regardless, you had Excitable Joe Scarborough attacking his now fellow Dems for going after Obama, same with Joy Reid. And Sheriff Joe checked the website number and found a way to ramp up his O-care protection

Joe Biden Calls for Jail Time for Insurance Execs ‘Who Totally Oppose My Plan’

Former Vice President Joe Biden came out as a champion of Obamacare during the second Democratic presidential debate. Yet he went even further, calling for insurance executives “who totally oppose my plan” to be put in jail.

“I have the only plan that limits the ability of insurance companies to charge unreasonable prices, flat out, number one. Number two, we should put some of these insurance executives who totally oppose my plan in jail, for the 9 billion opioids they sell out there,” Biden declared.

While the former vice president may have meant to only target insurance executives ostensibly responsible for the opioid crisis, he actually called for the jailing of execs who “totally disagree” with his plan.

In an era of increasing political polarization, where groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center demonize and ostracize people for disagreeing with their political stances, Biden’s call for the imprisonment of people who disagree with him is not just un-American, it’s dangerous.

Was this just Joe being Joe and misspeaking, or does he mean it? For today’s Democrats, I’d lean toward him meaning it. Democrats seem very casual in their beliefs in ruining people’s lives for opposing the Democrats plans/policies. And even go so far as to criminalize that Wrongthink. You may or may not like what insurance companies do, but, what they are doing is lawful.

He’s also now selling stickers that say “Obamacare: It’s A BFD”. Ocare still polls negatively. And, while we’re on the subject

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6 Responses to “Biden Has A Plan To Jail Insurance Industry Executives Who Oppose His Obamacare Based Plan”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    Much of the Democratic Party’s successes during the midterm elections hinged on the issue of healthcare. About three-quarters of Americans cited the topic as important to their households, per reporting from Pew Research. Democrats ran hard on healthcare, as reporting from The Guardian pointed out.

    With that in mind, House Democrats unveiled new legislation set to save or improve key aspects of the Affordable Care Act, the signature piece of legislation passed under former President Barack Obama.

    If anything sinks the GOP in 2020 it will be healthcare. You would be surprised IMO about how ill informed the general public is when it comes to issues. All they know is their health care sucks and yeah they might have a job but their insurance is not so great. voters forget. Sure Trump has succeeded but I am here to caution the GOP that they need to address healthcare and come up with a serious plan for 2020 or they are going to be beaten over the head by it again.

    Considering NOW it is the number one issue facing voters because Trump has solved most of the others these people will forget his successes and assume that all the reasons Trump succeed will just continue with Biden and Warren who will unravel everything he has done, just like Trump Unravelled everything Obama did.

    the average voter always hears we cant afford X or Y or Z to the point they no longer listen anymore. WE have medicare for seniors. Surely they are lying to say we cant afford it. Yes I know we can’t but the average voter doesn’t know that. They will elect Democrats and never get what they want but that doesn’t matter does it. The uninformed voter will put the screws to the economy because the left is promising free everything.

    The echo machines of the left and right are not the voters. They are not the ones pulling the handles on election day. We only have the 2016 election to remind us of that. The right is saying hahahah the left is in a death spiral because of their ludicrous platform. The voters will say….sounds good to me….gimme sum..

    If the GOP continues on this tract of pretending healthcare doesn’t exist as a problem they will pay dearly for it in 2020.

  2. Kye says:

    While I agree with your diagnosis that “the GOP” (whoever the fuk they are anymore) need to formulate a FREE MARKET BASED insurance plan (STOP using the term “healthcare” it’s a leftist plot) and show why a plan that allows individuals control over their insurance is FAR SUPERIOR to a government run plan that does not, I do not agree that all our fellow Americans “know is their health care sucks and yeah they might have a job but their insurance is not so great.”

    I don’t “know” one single American who would honestly say “My health care sucks”. But there you are again conflating “health care” with “health insurance”. You are using the semantics of the left. STOP! We are talking about HEALTH INSURANCE not health care. Health Insurance can be dramatically made better by allowing personal ownership, sales across state lines, voluntary “group” plans and personal tax deductibility of premiums. Also allowing a “cafeteria” style set-up where customers pick and choose the coverage’s they want, the deductibles and co-pays.

    We can put out FANTASTIC market based plans using this template. And before you scream “preexisting conditions” like every leftist since Marx allow me to suggest a “high risk pool” similar to auto insurance where every insurer is required to accept a certain number of preexisting patients based on a pre determined system.

    Regardless of what any leftist tells you NOTHING BEATS PRIVATE INSURANCE that’s why the rich people under “government single payer” ALWAYS buy private insurance. Why not just begin with that assumption and work from there?

    Trump 2020 Because if leftists control health care then only leftists will receive health care!

  3. Cowpill says:

    Da! You do as I say or we send you to the Gulag!

  4. My plan is to have Biden jailed for corruption re: China hedge funds. He should be jailed if he doesn’t agree with my plan.

  5. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Dumptycrats turning on Biden and Obama.

    Well well well…


  6. Professor Hale says:

    They should have just wrote the check to Joe’s campaign.

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