Super Warmist Tom Steyer’s Firm Funds Lots Of Coal Plants

Remember, Steyer has funded Democrat candidates who totally back the authoritarian push for ‘climate change’ laws, rules, and regulations. He’s pretty much running for president on Hotcoldwetdry. But

Revealed: Tom Steyer’s Firm Funded Coal Plants in Australia, China, and Indonesia

Despite marketing himself as an “environmental justice” advocate combating “climate change,” billionaire Democrat presidential candidate Tom Steyer oversaw the funding of coal plants in Australia, China, and Indonesia during his tenure as CEO of hedge fund Farallon Capital Management.

Steyer also bought and sold coal stocks during the Obama administration’s “war on coal,” explained Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and senior contributor at Breitbart News, in episode four of the Drill Down. (snip)

Schweizer outlined how Steyer stood to financially benefit from coal-related investments and business related to Obama’s energy policies, saying:

As Steyer availed himself of this access [to the Obama administration], his firm was cashing in on purchases of coal-related stocks while the Obama administration was declaring a war on coal.

In 2009, shortly after Obama took office, Farallon took a large stake in Freight Car America, which produced rail cars that transported coal.

Steyer’s hedge fund also purchased over 1 million shares of Massey energy in 2011. A year earlier, Massey had seen 29 miners killed in an accident at a plant in West Virginia.

Steyer supported Obama’s termination of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline development — via presidential veto in 2015 of legislation approving the project — while being invested in a competing Canadian pipeline company, Kinder Morgan.

It’s easy for Steyer to do all this while also pushing Hotcoldwetdry, because he has his money, and any laws, rules, and regs really won’t hurt his lifestyle. He’s yet another in a long line of climahypocrites. Surprised?

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