These Extinction Rebellion People Want You To Take Them And Hotcoldwetdry Seriously Or Something

They’re begging you, folks, begging you, and they’re being totally not nuts about it!

These Pictures Of Activists Begging You To Take Climate Change Seriously Are Intense

Since last year, activists with the climate activism group Extinction Rebellion have been grabbing headlines across Europe for their disruptive protests. Founded on the principle of using nonviolent civil disobedience, they intend to force people to pick a side: address climate change or cooperate with a system that is dragging the world toward catastrophe.

While they’ve been getting their name and message out there with their activities in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, South Africa, and elsewhere, winning over converts in small groups with their vision of change is what’s caused their numbers to swell, BuzzFeed News’ J. Lester Feder reports.

Here are some of the most eye-catching pictures from their protests, demonstrations, rallies, and actions around the world.

I’m taking it seriously. How about you? (more below the fold)

That last one might be the worst. What kind of deranged individual eats an apple like that, especially while chaining themselves to a fence?

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One Response to “These Extinction Rebellion People Want You To Take Them And Hotcoldwetdry Seriously Or Something”

  1. Kye says:

    The Manbearpigs operating in the “progressive” city of Portland are working on ways to get their citizens back to using 19th century modes of transportation.

    If they were actually serious about reducing congestion they wouldn’t be a sanctuary city. Where do you think all that “500,000 new residents by 2040” are coming from pregnant white girls? Aborted black babies?

    “Portland City Council approved a plan Wednesday to study short-and-long-term strategies to charge people to use city streets, an effort intended to reduce congestion and curb carbon emissions as the region expects as many as 500,000 new residents by 2040.

    The city will create a Pricing for Equitable Mobility task force to study and recommend potential road user fees – such as cordons, where drivers are charged to use certain streets in the city center or potentially more robust freeway tolls in the area…

    Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, who oversees the transportation bureau, said the city must take bold steps to try and get people out of their cars. “We are going the wrong direction on transportation,” she said.”

    What we really need is a “Stupid Virtue Tax” for azz hole leftist cities.

    Trump 2020 Cut off all federal funds for non-complying sanctuary cities!

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