New Prognostication: London To Be As Warm As Barcelona In 30 Years

Another day, another prognostication of Doom

By 2050, London’s climate will be as warm as Barcelona’s, says new study

In 2050, London’s climate will feel more like Barcelona’s, according to a new climate change study.

If this sounds like a pleasant warming — think again. London could be facing severe drought, as Barcelona did in 2008, when it nearly ran out of drinking water and reservoirs ran close to dry.

Hundreds of other major cities worldwide could be facing droughts, flooding, storms, and other climate catastrophes, said the study, which was conducted by the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich university.

Some of these climate effects aren’t even known or predictable yet — a fifth of cities, including Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Singapore, are facing conditions so extreme they don’t currently exist anywhere in the world, according to the study.

The study predicted the future climate conditions of 520 major cities worldwide, and pairedthose predictions with the conditions of cities today. By 2050, Madrid will feel more like Marrakesh, Seattle will feel like San Francisco, and New York will feel like Virginia Beach, according to the report.

OK, so focusing on London, they claim that the average temperature will be up by 2.1C, which is 3.8F, despite global temperatures only having gone up 1.5F since 1850.

But, if we look at the graphs, Barcelona is anywhere from 8F to 13F higher daily by month for highs than London. So, they’re saying that it’s going to average 84F in July by 2050. Good luck with that.

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4 Responses to “New Prognostication: London To Be As Warm As Barcelona In 30 Years”

  1. Kye says:

    Didn’t they “predict” that thirty years ago?

    Trump 2020 Save London!

  2. ST says:

    Audio – Ann Coulter Comments on Jeffrey Epstein Indictment

  3. John L Kelly says:

    No way Whatsoever! It may be just as cold as, but not as warm as. The Northern Hemisphere is right now entering another Grand Solar Minimum(little ice age) and it looks like it will be as strong as the Maunder Minimum of the 17th century. Its going to get cold, and all of the flooding and crazy weather in the MidWestern US is one indication.
    Think Global Cooling, not Global Warming.

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