UK Green New Deal Seeks “Economic Transformation” Or Something

Once again, remember that the membership of the Cult of Climastrology tells us that this is all about Science

Green New Deal 2.0: Activists revitalise UK climate change plan
Proposal seeks massive economic transformation and is backed by MP Caroline Lucas, who designed original framework.

The progressive think-tank Common Wealth has published a 10-point Green New Deal plan for the United Kingdom to transform public finance and tackle the climate emergency.

In a report released on Thursday the British advocacy organisation – in conjunction with parliament members, activists, and policymakers – calls for an investment overhaul to decarbonise the economy and create millions of new jobs.

The group hopes to create 100 percent renewable energy, an improved public transportation system, and zero-carbon housing for all.

“A UK Green New Deal is vital to our future, and to the future of the 1.4 million young people who have joined inspiring school climate strikes across the globe,” said UK Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

She called the new vision an “economic plan for a rapid transition”.

It’s way more than that

“The time for incrementalism has passed,” said Clive Lewis, a Labour MP for Norwich South. “The climate emergency demands an emergency response – a bold, government-led action.”

“Labour is committed to rewriting the Treasury rulebooks to green all future public investment and deliver a Green Industrial Revolution,” Lewis added. “This report sets out exactly the kind of ambition our politics needs in the face of climate crisis.”

Matthew Lawrence, the plan’s author and the director of Common Wealth, said he believes the climate crisis is, in fact, a “political crisis” that can be solved only by “the movements and communities on the front line of change”.

Rebecca Newsom, an activist with Greenpeace UK, said that the “existential threat of climate change can and must be turned into an opportunity to restructure our entire economy if we’re to make the most of this moment and reverse the injustices of poverty and social inequality.”

Sounds like it’s using the manufactured “climate crisis” to force authoritarian government on citizens, does it not? Seriously, go read that 10 point plan and see if this is science or far left politics.

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  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    But it’s the New and Improved New Green Deal.
    Available at Walmart.

    Lol. Get f*cked.

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