Surprise: “Conservative” Groups Which Profess Belief In ‘Climate Change’ Receive Lots Of Liberal Money

The majority of the individuals and groups that claim they are conservatives/Republicans tend to be of the Big Government type variety, so this should be no surprise


Wealthy charitable foundations spent $10 million on an effort that included handing money to conservative and libertarian think tanks and grassroots organizations to promote “a stable climate” and “a clean energy future” among other environmental issues, The Daily Caller News Foundation has found.

For example, two foundations that promote liberal energy policies handed nearly $4.2 million to the Christian Coalition to sway its conservative, religious membership of policies typically associated with liberals and environmentalists, according to grant information from tax filings from 2008 to 2016.

The Christian Coalition describes itself as “one of the largest conservative grassroots political organizations in America.”

However, the group received funding from charitable foundations since 2008 to “identify and educate supporters of renewable energy within the conservative community,” “advance policy solutions for a stable climate” and other related efforts, according to two grant descriptions.

“Environmental foundations have funded faux-conservative groups for many years to make it seem like their radical climate ideology has a broader consensus than it really does,” Institute for Energy Research (IER) President Tom Pyle told TheDCNF.

“If you see so-called conservative or free market groups pushing for policies that are anti-free market, follow the money, odds are left-leaning environmental foundations are supporting it,” Pyle said.

You may have read about “Republican Bob Inglis”, former Congressman for South Carolina, pushing for carbon taxes/fees many times, claiming this is a “free market solution”. Well, “his group, the Energy & Enterprise Institute (EEI), got more than $101,000 in 2012 from the Energy Foundation.” The Energy Foundation is a far left eco-wacko group. Surprise?

The article is long, worth the read, and, just remember, whenever you hear or read about a Conservative/Republican yapping about free market solutions and think that they’re exactly the same as the members of the Cult of Climastrology push, wonder where the money came from.

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