NY Times Is Super Concerned About Kavanaugh’s Party Planning

Remember, this is the same paper that couldn’t be bothered with anything in Obama’s background, such as his years at college. Nor could they really be bothered about Operation Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, Obama’s buddy domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and so much more. Nor could they really be bothered about Hillary Clinton’s background. Her lies, her smears, her potential illegal activity. They didn’t care much about her illegal use of an outside, unsecured server for her email and all the classified documents and content. Nor about things like the allegations of rape and sexual assault against her husband, with her as a participant who worked to destroy the women. Nor shady land deals. We were told that was “old news”. Now, here’s Molly Hemingway of The Federalist

The New York Times Preparing Hit Piece On Brett Kavanaugh For Party Planning

Having failed to corroborate any allegations of rape against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, The New York Times is now preparing to smear him for organizing party planning and logistics more than 30 years ago. This comes on the heels of a blockbuster Times report alleging that Kavanaugh might have thrown ice at someone at some point in the 1980s.

The Times is calling around to classmates asking them about a letter Kavanaugh allegedly wrote to a classmate to organize a week at the beach during the 1980s, according to multiple sources. The letter notes the location on the Maryland shore where the classmates planned to stay, the estimated costs for each organizer, and items they should bring with them, such as “sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc.”

The letter noted that a total of eight friends, including Kavanaugh, were “in charge” and that they would each get to have beds to sleep in at the designated rental property and a say in who else was invited. The tongue-in-cheek note, infused with inside jokes, said they should talk to neighbors of the property ahead of time and give them a heads up that a party would be hosted there and that alcohol and obnoxious students would be involved.

“P.S. It would probably be a good idea on Sat. the 18th to warn the neighbors that we’re loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us,” the letter said. The note also joked that “the danger of eviction is great and that would suck because of the money and because this week has big potential.”

The Times wouldn’t actually run with this, right? A piece on party planning with boys bragging, right?

The web front page headline is “We’re loud, obnoxious drunks,” Judge Kavanaugh wrote of his high school clique in 1983

The beachfront property was rented, the guests were invited and an ever-organized Brett M. Kavanaugh had some advice for the seven Georgetown Preparatory School classmates who would be joining him for the weeklong escapade.

In a 1983 letter, a copy of which was reviewed by The New York Times, the young Judge Kavanaugh warned his friends of the danger of eviction from an Ocean City, Md., condo. In a neatly written postscript, he added: Whoever arrived first at the condo should “warn the neighbors that we’re loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us. Advise them to go about 30 miles…” (snip)

Recent interviews with more than a dozen classmates and friends from that time depict Judge Kavanaugh as a member of a small clique of football players who dominated Georgetown Prep’s work-hard, play-hard culture. His circle celebrated a culture of heavy drinking, even by the standards of that era.

Seriously, this is what the NY Times has come to, trying to embarrass the judge over a beach trip in 1983

And that’s what the White House notes. Heck, a lot of private school kids, especially if it was a boarding school, didn’t drink that much, they smoked a lot of marijuana. And sometimes other drugs like microdots (lower grade LSD mixed with other stuff, often called mescaline or mesc. It wasn’t. Looks like a small piece of cut up large spaghetti), blotters (paper with higher power LSD on it), psychedelic mushrooms, and hash. It’s a lot harder to hide the smell of alcohol. And a lot harder to purchase for weekends. During the summers, it was still harder to get a hold of.

But, none of that matters, because this is what it has come to. The NY Times is invested in stopping Judge Kavanaugh, and there is no proof that the Judge committed any of the sexual assaults he’s accused of.

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10 Responses to “NY Times Is Super Concerned About Kavanaugh’s Party Planning”

  1. Jethro says:

    I opposed Kavanaugh’s “politics”, but frankly, a president (even one as slimy as tRump) deserves to nominate a SC justice and have him or her undergo Senate hearings. (Of course, the GOP disagrees with this tradition).

    But after hearing Kavanaugh’s belligerent performance at his hearing, especially his decidedly partisan screeching, crying, shouting rant about the Clintons, the Dems, millions in leftist funding and finally, his threats against others, it’s clear is unsuited for our Court.

    The GOP is using this process to activate their shock troops for the upcoming election. This was planned with the involvement of Kavanaugh, trump, Leslie Graham, Grassley, McConnell…

    • formwiz says:

      A white flag is protocol at a surrender.

      The GOP is using this process to activate their shock troops for the upcoming election.

      Keep telling yourself that. This was all you Lefties’ doing. for the first time, people got to see how the Left destroys people and they don’t like it. Borking is even worse. They don’t need to activate anybody. You did it for them and people are outraged.

      Kavanaugh’s belligerent performance at his hearing, especially his decidedly partisan screeching, crying, shouting rant about the Clintons, the Dems, millions in leftist funding
      was justifiable outrage at the lies told about him. People like him better than Spartacus (what a joke), DiFi, or any of the rest. People saw why he said what he said and loved him for it.

      And the best part? That idiot Flake gave the Feds time to look into stuff they knew was happening, but couldn’t bring it out in time. Now a raft of people are going to be investigated, including Dr Crazy and DiFi. Talk about justice!

      You and all your minimum wage friends did this. I’d offer you a crying towel, but I need mine to sop up all my tears from laughing so hysterically.

      PS Word is, Mule Ears is laying off some of his Flying Monkeys. Guess the witch hunt is shutting down, too.

      PPS The man’s name is Lindsay Graham.

  2. Jethro says:

    Lindsay, Leslie… we knew it was some girl’s name.

    Mr. Mueller’s investigations are staying quiet until after the election, which is perfectly proper – consistent with Mr. Mueller’s conservative philosophy. Watch the indictments flow like Kavanaugh’s tears after the mid-terms.

    tRump’s indictments will stay sealed until he resigns (subsequent to a deal with Mueller) or loses the 2020 election. It’s unlikely he’ll risk prison for his crimes so he’ll likely make the deal in 2019.

    Kavanaugh is a drunk. He like to drink. He still likes to drink. Sometimes he drinks too much. Sometimes he likes to assault girls. But he’ll get away with it, like most powerful conservative “men”.

    • formwiz says:

      Lindsay and Leslie are both surnames and then men’s names, but I understand you can’t tell the difference.

      Trump’s not losing the ’20 election and the only resignation deal will be if The Donald allows Mule Ears to resign without being prosecuted.

      And even you said Brother Bret had kicked the bottle and lauded him for it.

      He still likes to drink. Sometimes he drinks too much. Sometimes he likes to assault girls.

      Any proof, sweetie?

  3. Jethro says:

    And anyway, the Repubs hold the majority on the Committee and the full Senate. It was a Republican who insisted on the delay, threatening to withhold his vote for Kavanaugh.

    But we understand why tRump and his minions want to blame the Dems and the Clintons and to invoke a massive left-wing conspiracy. But it’s the Repubs who have had enough votes all along.

    They could have confirmed Kavanaugh long ago above any objection from a Dem or an assaulted woman, but they preferred to have a circus.

    • formwiz says:

      And here 5 days ago, you said what a stalwart American the Flake was. Must be really galling his delay, cooked up with the Demos, has brought all this damaging information to light.

      And thank you for admitting there was a massive left-wing conspiracy.

      It’s all part of the healing process.

      they preferred to have a circus.

      No, dear, that was your side. Too bad you turned out to be one of the clowns.

  4. Jethro says:

    Kavanaugh was an obnoxious drunk in high-school and college according to multiple witnesses. He was a belligerent and aggressive drunk. He has been accused by multiple women of sexual abuse/assault/harassment (but so were Presidents Clinton and Trump, and they were elected – but only for 4 years at a time).

    To Kavanaugh’s credit, it appears he grew up to become a respected judge, but he lied about his past under oath. It’s up to the Republican Senate to decide if that is disqualifying for a lifetime appointment.

    The GOP is pushing his confirmation for political advantage.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Kavanaugh didn’t lie about his past, he didn’t sexually assault that Ford chick, he’s not an obnoxious drunk and his temperament is just fine for a Supreme Court Justice.

      You, on the other hand, are an obnoxious nignorant angry little black fella from st. louis who lies all the time.


    • formwiz says:

      He may have been accused, but one has turned out to be a nut, and the others were lying, as was the case with The Donald.

      It’s Dr Crazy who lied about her past under oath. And her ass is going to get reamed for it.

      The GOP is pushing his confirmation for political advantage.

      And the Demos don’t do the same?

  5. dachs_dude says:

    Poor Jethro, (Jeffrey).

    Once Kavanaugh is confirmed, and he will be guess what?

    No more SCOTUS legislating from the bench! Yep, your Democratic/Progressive politicians are going to have to actually try to pass legislation! Unpopular, legislation at that, too!

    Imagine, “Yeah, I voted to make abortion not only legal. But a basic right that needs to be provided FREE by the taxpayer.”

    Yeah, you’re terrified all right.

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