World Bank Chief Totally Enthused To Push Carbon Taxes

It’s always wonderful when a rich person who takes lots of fossil fueled trips and wouldn’t really be affected by carbon taxes pushes carbon taxes, which is kinda letting the cat out of the bag as to what this is all really about

Carbon taxes necessary in climate fight: World Bank chief

MONTREAL (AFP) – Fighting global warming will necessarily require taxing carbon emissions, or setting a price on carbon pollution, the World Bank’s chief executive said Wednesday at a G7 environment meeting in Canada.

“We believe very strongly that we can send an economic signal by introducing a shadow price for carbon,” Kristalina Georgieva told AFP, referring to a method of calculating a price per tonne of carbon that includes the social costs of pollution.

“We are the last generation that can do something to fight climate change but we are also the first generation that has to live with its consequences,” she said.

“There is a consensus among scientists and economists that carbon pricing is the best way to signal to economies that the behavior has to change.”

It’s interesting that the big shot Warmists want to use taxes to control your behavior while refusing to change their own to match their professed beliefs, eh? Does anyone think Ms. Georgieva didn’t take a fossil fueled private jet from Bulgaria, her home country?

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2 Responses to “World Bank Chief Totally Enthused To Push Carbon Taxes”

  1. Jess says:

    I think a banking tax is more important on world banks. About 20% should cover the costs. That way, they won’t have the money to lend to warmist kooks.

  2. Jethro says:

    The Trump tariffs (taxes on American consumers), when fully implemented, will cost American households about $600 a year. Trump mistakenly believes that tariffs are paid by the exporter, LOL, and not by those who purchase the artificially inflated goods.

    So if a tax (paid by American consumers) is valid market manipulation for shifting consumer patterns (making Chinese goods more expensive for American consumers, hence promoting the purchase of American-made goods) why isn’t a tax on carbon valid? Anyone?

    Why is Trump exempting friends/supporters from his taxes? Crony capitalism?

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