Elizabeth Warren Wants Corporations To Be Forced To Disclose Their ‘Climate Change’ Risks

She won’t actually disclose her genetic percentage of Native American DNA, but, he, remember, she totally believes she’s a capitalist

(Grist) Right now, public companies don’t have to say what kind of threat climate change poses to their business or whether they are contributing to the problem. We simply don’t know how much major corporations are to blame for the pickle we’re in. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has a plan to change that.

On Friday, the possible 2020 presidential hopeful proposed the Climate Risk Disclosure Act. The legislation would compel companies to disclose a wide variety of climate-related information, such as greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel investments, and how things like rising sea levels and increased temperatures might affect their operations. If a publicly traded company is going to get hit hard by climate change and knows it, Warren thinks the public has a right to know. Kinda makes sense!

“Climate change is a real and present danger — and it will have an enormous effect on the value of company assets,” Warren said in a statement.

The act is co-sponsored by a slew of Democratic senators, including two other rumored presidential hopefuls, Kamala Harris of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey. Climate hawk Al Gore and a coalition of green groups have backed the legislation.

Yet more Big Government regulations on private entities, increasing their costs (which get passed on to consumers) and putting them more under the thumb of government, which would then force Big Government restrictions on those companies. And fines for non-compliance. And would open them up to nuisance lawsuits from Cult of Climastrology groups.

It is very much, actually, a backdoor method to force fossil fuels companies to publish something that complies in a specific manner of the Warmist’s choosing that would be used to go after those same companies through lawsuits and government intervention.

The legislation would require noting the impacts of both direct greenhouse gas emissions as well as indirect GHG emissions. It would also require calculating the “social cost of carbon.” And this, that, and the other. It would take an enormous amount of time and resources to comply with this bill.

Yet, the same people who are pushing this are refusing to give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral. Yes, that is a very repetitive line. But, I won’t stop using it as long as the people who are pushing this aren’t walking the talk.

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4 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren Wants Corporations To Be Forced To Disclose Their ‘Climate Change’ Risks”

  1. Jethro says:

    So your entire argument is that Senator Warren thought she was part Native American (but FOX reports that Harvard didn’t consider it – http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/09/02/harvard-never-considered-elizabeth-warren-as-native-american-in-hiring-process-report-says.html) and that she flies on airplanes.

    Powerful stuff.

    Public companies are supposed to reveal business risks to shareholders and potential investors. Evaluating the potential impact of global warming on the business is fair.

  2. Jl says:

    Obviously Pocahontas doesn’t realize that US emissions are down, unlike several European countries that have large renewable mandates.

  3. formwiz says:

    Just another tax dodge.

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