Surprise: Marriot’s Green Customer Initiative Hurting Housekeepers

Funny how so many Leftist initiatives end up hurting lower level workers, eh?

Housekeepers Are Protesting Marriott’s Green Energy Initiative

Housekeepers are protesting Marriott International’s “Make a Green Choice” program, claiming the initiative is costing them money and forcing erratic work on their schedules.

Marriott and its hotel subsidiaries are offering customers a deal: Earn 500 bonus points for every day you refuse housekeeping services. Participating customers can refuse serve for up to three consecutive days at a time, racking up a large amount of points in the process. The “Make a Green Choice” program is also being billed as an environmentally friendly initiative, with advertisements lauding the amount of water, electricity and chemicals that can be saved.

However, not everyone is happy.

Maids across the country are livid over the new program, claiming they are being harmed with reduced work hours and more stressful schedules as they now must clean rooms that haven’t been managed in several days. Unite Here — a union that represents many of the Marriott housekeepers — are organizing against the program.

Essentially, if the guests are not requesting housekeeping, then the housekeepers are working less hours and making less money, and, when they finally get to clean a room, it takes a lot more time and effort because the rooms are dirtier.

The leaflets are being given to guests staying at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, according to View From The Wing. Additionally, the leaflets claim the Green Choice program has resulted in 700,000 hours of lost work and 350 fewer full-time jobs. Unite Here has a strike in San Francisco with more possibly on the way in Boston and other cities.

Hey, maybe the Leftists can push harder for a $15 minimum wage, so that even more jobs can be lost.

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  1. JGlanton says:

    Business climates change whenever politicians meddle.

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