People Who Took Long Fossil Fueled Trips Want Other People To Do Something

The hypocrisy on many levels is amazing

Protesters gathering in S.F., say climate change leaders not doing enough

Hundreds of demonstrators crowded the streets of downtown San Francisco Thursday morning, banging drums and chanting as they called on local and world leaders at the Global Climate Action Summit to do more to address climate change and pollution.

“We’re fighting for future generations,” said Dorthea Enrique, who traveled from Detroit to take part in the protest. “We want them to listen to our voices and protect us from corporate greed.”

The morning demonstration comes on day two of the summit, where more than 4,000 elected officials, business executives and environmentalists from six continents are in San Francisco for a three-day conference aimed at addressing carbon emissions and climate change.

These would be the same leaders who just took long fossil fueled trips

Protesters crowded the intersection of Howard and Third Streets outside the Moscone Center, forcing summit delegates to climb over barriers or go around the protest. As the delegates walked past, a protester yelled out, “There’s more than just market-based solutions, folks! The market sucks, suit!” Another encouraged delegates to participate in the protest: “Join us! Join the community, not corporations!”

There were a lot of complaints about companies and such

I see corporate created t-shirts, pants, and jacks. Buckets turned into drums. Hats. Banners that had writing put on them. Sunglasses. Drum sticks. Mobile phones.

Many in the group were indigenous people who traveled from around the country to San Francisco for the summit. They highlighted environmental issues beyond carbon emissions alone. Many said they want to protect the lands they live on from being destroyed by pollution.

And they all walked there, right?

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  1. Bill Chunko says:

    A uniformly unattractive lot. Coincidence?

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