Peak Wokeness: Conor Daly Has Sponsorship Pulled Over Something His Dad Said….Before He Was Born

Hey, what was the whole talking point from the leftist pro-illegal alien crowd about not punishing the kids for the sins of the parents?

From the article

Lilly Diabetes has pulled its sponsorship of Conor Daly’s No. 6 car in the NASCAR Xfinity race at Road America, citing a racially insensitive remark made by the driver’s father in the 1980s that surfaced this week.

Lilly said in a statement Friday that its sponsorship was intended to raise awareness for treatment options and resources for people living with diabetes.

“Unfortunately, the comments that surfaced this week by Derek Daly distract from this focus, so we have made the decision that Lilly Diabetes will no longer run the No. 6 at Road America this weekend,” Lilly said. (snip)

In a statement, Daly said he admitted to using a racial slur for African-Americans during a radio interview in the early 1980s. Daly, who had just moved to the United States then, said the term had a different meaning and connotation in his native Ireland.

Daly said he was “mortified’” when he learned how the term was used in the United States and has never used it since then. Conor Daly, 26, wasn’t born when his father made the comment.

“Finally, I want everyone to know I deeply regret and sincerely apologize for what I said more than three decades ago,” the elder Daly said in his statement.

He used a statement that was common in Ireland, Britain, and Australia, and, come on, this was 30 years ago. Conor wasn’t even born yet. How is this even a controversy? Oh, right, 2018.

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2 Responses to “Peak Wokeness: Conor Daly Has Sponsorship Pulled Over Something His Dad Said….Before He Was Born”

  1. Jeffery says:

    what was the whole talking point … about not punishing the kids for the sins of the parents?

    What’s this got to do with immigration? Oh, right, 2018.

    I don’t support the reason for ending the sponsorship, as capitalist/entrepreneur, I DO support private corporations acting in the best interest of the organization. Lily made the decision that dropping him would hurt them less than keeping him.

    • formwiz says:

      Oh, we’re all sure Jeffery is a capitalist/entrepreneur, given his opinion of businessmen, but how does he know if this is a good idea, business-wise?

      We are talking NASCAR, after all, but a lot of those rednecks get diabetes just like the ones colored wrong. Maybe they wouldn’t want to lose all that money, seeing as how it’s only Lefties like Jeffery who submit people to a star chamber for something said years ago.

      And, yes, Americans are fairer-minded than Jeffery, who claims to know all about America, but thinks Willie Whitewater and Andrew Johnson weren’t impeached (I’ll give y’all a minute to stop ROFL).

      And, Jeffery, the company’s name is Lilly, 2 ells, as in EI Lilly, old established firm, apparently now run by PC weenies.

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