Surprise: Warmist Study Claims Skeptics More Likely To Have Raaaaacist Beliefs

Who’s shocked that the Cult of Climastrology has generated a study making these claims?

Climate Deniers are More Likely to be Racist. Why?

People who don’t believe that climate change is real are more likely to be old, more likely to be Republican, and are more likely to be white. They are also more likely to have racist beliefs, according to a recent study published in the journal Environmental Politics. This correlation is a relatively recent phenomenon—one that occurred in the wake of Barack Obama’s election in 2008.

People who pushed Obama to take action on climate change often criticized him for being too cautious relative to the economic, environmental, and public health risks that climate change continues to pose. One example was the Keystone XL pipeline: while Obama rejected the permit to complete its northern section in 2015 (and used climate change as a justification), he  approved the southern half of it back in 2012 (citing a desire to “develop as much oil and gas as we can, in a safe way.”)

But the paper hypothesizes that however moderate his actions, the mere existence of our first Black president dropping climate change into the State of the Union Address, and joining the Paris Climate Accords, correlates with a significant number of white Americans deciding that they were done believing in climate change. This correlation has also been documented with regard to healthcare reform—after the Obama administration made it a priority, a subset of white Americans who had supported the issue during the Clinton administration suddenly switched their position.

See? It’s so easy! It wasn’t because Obamacare was a massive government takeover of the healthcare and health insurance sectors, nor that Obama’s ‘climate change’ pushes were meant to increase the cost of living on citizens while giving the government more power (all while Obama demonstrated he was a climahypocrite). Or that the 25+ years of spreading awareness was failing, especially when people were seeing that this was all about politics, not science. Nope! It was raaaaacism.

“There is the tendency to just read something like this and say “oh well maybe it’s not partisanship, it’s race,”  said Benegal. “But I think the important thing is to understand that racial attitudes and partisan identity are becoming more closely aligned, and go hand-in-hand for an increasing number of issues. We’re noticing the interactions between these factors more frequently. It’s important to understand how race and partisanship are tied together on so many issues.”

As a bonus, they get to claim that Republicans are raaaaacist. It’s all an attempt to marginalize those who refuse to believe that the Modern Warm Period is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, and that the solution is a tax and giving up freedom for government control.

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6 Responses to “Surprise: Warmist Study Claims Skeptics More Likely To Have Raaaaacist Beliefs”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Of course. Everyone who isn’t a communist is a racist.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Coal mining is racist?

    . The obsession certain Republicans have with coal miners and a “war on coal” is partly due to the efforts of donors like the Koch brothers, but “there’s a racial undertone to this kind of rhetoric,” said Benegal. “because coal mining as an industry that is overwhelmingly very white.”

    Submitted by an overwhelmingly white Sierra Club written by an overwhelmingly white girl named Heather.


  3. Jeffery says:

    The “report” was largely based on this poll from 2015, conducted by PEW and the cited ANES Survey. A more recent Gallup poll showed that the gap between Dems and Repubs on climate change causation has widened further.

    from the abstract of Professor Benegal’s paper in Environmental Politics:

    Results show that racial identification became a significant predictor of climate change concern following Obama’s election in 2008, and that high levels of racial resentment are strongly correlated with reduced agreement with the scientific consensus on climate change.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that today racial resentment and global warming skepticism are correlated. 71% of Dems answered that global warming mostly results from human activities, while 27% of Repubs answered that way. There is an ideological gap between the parties on both climate change and racial resentment, as “measured” by a ANES questionnaire – hence the correlation.

    But this does not mean that racial resentment drives global warming climate change skepticism, only that folks hold the views simultaneously.

    In a previous paper, Professor Benegal pointed out that the GOP was significantly more persuasive than climate scientists on global warming.

    this was all about politics, not science.

    An effective and responsible government must use science to inform policy.

    • formwiz says:

      Case in point.

      Although few seem to harbor as much racial resentment as Jeffery.

      And science should be rigorous, not shaped to fit political agendas.

    • McGehee says:

      And all this happened after we were assured Obama’s anointment would redeem America forever for its past racial sins.

  4. Stosh says:

    I’m sure glad I only hated the policies Obama’s white half proposed, his black half was OK, not inspiriting or useful. At least it proves I’m not a racist ….

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