ZOMG: There’s A Trump Mural At An Illegal Alien Detention Center For Kids

This is like something a dictator would do (via Twitchy)

See? Dictator! Excitable Joy Reid wrote on Twitter “This is a must-read thread, and incredibly disturbing… a child “detention center,” in America, complete with a Trump propaganda mural on the wall…” And so many others were losing it. But, um

In fact, the 2nd to last paragraph of the LA Times article: “Each shelter wing was named for a president, with a mural of each and a quote, in English and Spanish. The tour passed Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy and Trump, whose face was pictured with the American flag and outline of the White House.”

Oh, hey, and for those freaking out about the detention of illegal alien kids under Trump

During the tour, similar to a press tour of emergency shelters for migrant youths at a Texas Air Force base in 2014, reporters were not allowed to photograph or film. (The Department of Health and Human Services later released photographs it had taken inside the facility.) No interviews were allowed of youths or staff members, except those leading the tour.

So, wait, President Trump was doing this all the way back in 2014?

There’s a very simple solution: when they are caught, they are immediately deported. As a family.

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2 Responses to “ZOMG: There’s A Trump Mural At An Illegal Alien Detention Center For Kids”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Even Planned Parenthood has come out against separating those kids from their mothers.



    • Professor Hale says:

      No shocker there. Planned parenthood has always been in favor of child sexual exploitation for fun and profit.

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