Donald Trump Doesn’t Speak For America On ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

It’s actually surprising that we haven’t seen more of these “Dear World” type missives in the year and a half that Trump has been president

Dear World: On Climate, Donald Trump Doesn’t Speak for the United States of America
The American people believe in climate change—and are committed to doing something about it.

We are? Is that why Obama crafted the Paris Climate Agreement to avoid the need for Senate approval, and made sure the pledges were not legally binding. Basically, if a country felt like doing something. Voluntary. And why does Doing Something poll so low?

Dear G7 (G6?) Leaders:

First, let me just say on behalf of the United States of America: We are so, so sorry.

Well, at least they aren’t holding up their loopy signs like when Bush was reelected in 2004.

Now, for the intended purpose of my letter: the global fight against climate change. As you know, our president skipped out of the G7 summit early, just before all of you were going to discuss different ways to finance the various carbon-reduction plans made under the terms of the Paris climate agreement. In your jointly authored communiqué—the one that Trump angrily rejected later—you vigorously reaffirm your respective commitments to “ambitious climate action” and “reducing emissions while stimulating innovation, enhancing adaptive capacity, strengthening and financing resilience and reducing vulnerability.” You stipulate the need for an international effort to clean up our shared ocean environments. And you formally dedicate your countries to the essential mission of creating a global carbon-neutral economy before the end of the century, vowing “to promote the fight against climate change through collaborative partnerships and work with all relevant partners.”

Thank you.

Funny that Warmists refuse to pledge to do things in their own lives to go carbon neutral.

But along with this apology for our president’s behavior at the G7 summit, we would also like to assure you that President Trump is wrong about this (just as he is wrong about so many other things). President Trump is not the United States of America—especially when it comes to climate and the environment.

Funny, when Obama was President leftists told us that he was the US of A. Go figure.

The United States hasn’t given up on those goals. Please don’t give up on us.


Embarrassed in America

These people.

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