NY Bill Would Give School Employees Right To Ask Court To Take Guns From Parents

When we talk about slippery slopes, and a concern that if you give the gun grabbers some of their “common sense gun control reforms”, they’ll push the envelope even more, this is what we mean

Teachers in New York could gain right to ask courts to strip guns from troubled students

New York may allow teachers to report troubled students to a judge to ensure they do not have access to guns.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday proposed a law — the “red flag bill” — that would give teachers and administrators the ability to file a petition with the courts to keep guns away from students who appear to pose a safety risk.

“This bill, if it passes, would be the first bill in the United States of America to give a teacher this recourse and this solution,” Cuomo said at a news conference in Manhattan.

Students, huh? There’s a good chance it will never be passed, since Republicans control the NY Senate. But, consider, citizens under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to own firearms in the first place in People’s Republik Of New York, and the majority of students in k-12 will be under 18, so, what’s the point?

New York prohibits the purchase of firearms by anyone younger than 18, but for students who are younger, the measure could allow a judge to order a family to take additional steps to keep the guns away from their children, Cuomo said.

“If you have a young person in a home with guns in it, a judge could limit the access to those guns in the house,” Cuomo explained.

And Bamm!, there it is. A way to make accusations and have people’s gun rights stripped quickly. Current red flag law in NY doesn’t allow for guns to be seized except from those directly accused. And, it’s pretty much about family, friends, or law enforcement making the claim. Cuomo’s gun grabbing would go the extra mile

The proposal would allow police, family members and teachers — as well as school administrators, guidance counselors and other licensed school professionals — to petition the court if they believe a person is a threat.

The judge would then decide whether to issue an “extreme risk protection order.”

The potential for abuse is amazing. Consider, also, that Cuomo wants the age of purchase to go from 18-21, so, there would be no kids in K-12 who would be able to legally purchase a firearm in NY, so, this is about going after the parent’s 2nd Amendment Right. Oh, and

Cuomo said that if the gun-control measures weren’t approved before session ended June 20, the bills would become a campaign issue.

He knows there is no way this gets passed during the current legislative session, and little chance before the elections, so he’s trying to create an election issue. But, don’t think he doesn’t want to find a way to take away more guns, all while he runs around with his own armed protection.

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6 Responses to “NY Bill Would Give School Employees Right To Ask Court To Take Guns From Parents”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The NRA, GOP, tRump and his minions have blood on their hands.

    A troubled kid in Indiana took one of his father’s pistols to school and shot another student and was stopped by a brave teacher who was also shot multiple times.

    Now you argue against keeping troubled kids from getting guns.

    All you Con Men have are your fears and the resulting hatreds.

    • formwiz says:

      The Hell they do.

      Bet anything the kid was on meds and they ignored him, just like the last few psychotics.

      Besides, you think the kid might not have broken in to his father’s cabinet?

      PS Con Men? That the one they’re telling you to use because cons just isn’t resonating?

      • Jeffery says:

        Isn’t that the point? If he broke into his father’s gun cabinet doesn’t that show a lack of responsibility by the father? Good thing it was a handgun and not an AR-15. Should gun owners make certain their firearms are reasonably under their control? Mine are locked in gun safes.

        Con Men: That’s all mine. It blends the meanings of “confidence men” (grifters) with “conservative men”. Perfect for the tRumpitista.

  2. formwiz says:

    I seem to remember a 4th something-or-other that might get in the way.

  3. Jeffery says:

    So ripping infants from the arms of their mothers, possibly never to be reunited, is OK as a deterrent?

    Why not just shoot the babies in the head? Once word got back to Central America, that would really be a deterrent!!

    Never underestimate the fear, hatred and cruelty of the new Con Man movement.

  4. We don’t have to guess how this will turn out. We have already seen it happen. The next thing is that teachers, pediatricians and CPS are asked to question children about guns in the home. Then guns + children is automatically used as a red flag and the guns AND the children are seized. No warrant required. No due process required. The safety of the children demands immediate action. No speculation required. There are very few things that haven’t already been tried. All sorts of communism, anarchy, theocracy, oligarchy. All sorts of philosophy and every possible permutation of good idea fairy. We have actual evidence on how it turns out. It is shocking the number of people who can make the claim with a straight face that their “new idea” just needs to be tried.

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