Special Snowflakes Receive Cry Closets At U Of Utah

In my day, we just settled down with a good party, and, if really stressed out, we talked with our good friends. Who usually had beer and a spleef. Maybe did some fishing, or chilled down at the beach. Hit the bars. Nowadays

University of Utah Installs Cry Closet for Stressed Students

A graduate art student at the University of Utah has installed a closet on campus for stressed students to cry in following final exams.

The “cry closet,” an art project by graduate student Nemo Miller, provides a space for students to cry privately on campus. The closet is equipped with several stuffed animals. There are two lights that can be adjusted to meet the student’s specific preference. On the closet door, there is a list of rules. According to the rules, students must knock before entering and may spend no more than 10 minutes in the closet.

An article from the University of Utah’s student newspaper argues that the installation has helped stressed students out as they go through final exams. In an interview with the student newspaper, Miller explained that the closet was designed to provide stressed students with a space to feel safe.


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One Response to “Special Snowflakes Receive Cry Closets At U Of Utah”

  1. PapaMAS says:

    Whenever I hear a story like this, I shake my head and wonder if the people who use them have ANY self-respect or strength at all. The people encouraging this behavior are evil.

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