More California Jurisdictions Join Resistance To Sanctuary Law

The more towns and counties that join in fighting the state sanctuary law, the more illegal aliens will stream to the sanctuary towns and counties, overloading their public services, increasing the crime rate, and causing general mayhem.

(CNBC) San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to join the U.S. Department of Justice’s legal challenge of California’s so-called sanctuary policies aimed at protecting undocumented immigrants.

In a 3-1 vote, supervisors for San Diego — home to more than 3.3 million residents — voted to direct the county counsel to file a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s sanctuary law.

Board Chair Kristin Gaspar, who was one of the three supervisors voting to file the amicus brief, said the board received hundreds emails in support of the move. Gaspar tweeted Tuesday: “Enough is enough! Governor Jerry Brown needs to follow the laws of our Constitution.”

San Diego County’s action follows neighboring Orange County voting last month to issue a restraining order against the state to halt enforcement of the law. Orange County is California’s third-most populous county while San Diego County ranks second after Los Angeles.

And many are thinking that these votes also mean that law enforcement will blow off the state law requiring all to blow off Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

(OC Register) The Los Alamitos City Council approved an ordinance that in essence says the city doesn’t plan to follow California’s key sanctuary law, a vote that figures to add fuel to a regional anti-sanctuary movement started in the city last month.

Following some five hours of public testimony – and a very loud and contentious rally outside – the council voted 4-1 late Monday for final approval of the ordinance it originally passed on March 19.

The ordinance says Los Alamitos police will not follow SB-54, also known as the California Values Act, which limits how police in the state can work with federal immigration officials working to detain undocumented immigrants. Though state law allows police to turn over immigrants accused of violent crimes and many drug crimes, people frustrated by so-called sanctuary laws want police to turn all undocumented immigrants over to federal officials when they are released from jail on local crimes.

And following the Los Alamitos vote, the ACLU sent out a hilariously failure tweet

And California has an obligation to follow federal law, since the Constitution gave Los Federales primacy on immigration.

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