Salon Does Ivanka’s Hair, “Inclusive” Crowd Freaks OUt

This is the problem when all politics are as personal as being naked

(Fox News) An Iowa salon received major social media backlash this week after posting a photo of Ivanka Trump when she visited the store to get her hair styled before an event.

Salon Spa W, in Des Moines’ East Village, posted a picture Monday on its Facebook page of the first daughter, who was in town to tour Waukee school district’s Aspiring Professional Experience program (APEX), with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, the Des Moines Register reported. Reynolds was standing next to Trump in the photograph.

“Our Monday kicked off with styling Ivanka Trump for her visit to Iowa! We [love] supporting women in politics,” the salon wrote in a caption on Facebook, which has since been edited.

Despite the salon’s excitement, hundreds of followers lambasted the business for styling the White House adviser and threatened to never return. Some people said the photo was “f—ing gross” and vowed to unfollow the page.

The response was totally unhinged. Seriously, people, she got her hair done. Why is it necessary to pitch a Hissy Fit over such tiny things? Oh, right, Victimhood Culture. Anyhow

Another Facebook user commented, “Will never book an appointment at this salon again. Total bum out. This salon employs hetero/non-hetero individuals and this just truly sucks. The fact that Salon Spa W was inclusive was always a big A + to me. You put your money where your mouth is as your vote. I loved this salon. I’m so, so disappointed and I can’t imagine how your non-cisgender employees/clients feel. Fail. Won’t ever be back.”

By “inclusive”, the inclusive crowd means only things and people they approve of.

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5 Responses to “Salon Does Ivanka’s Hair, “Inclusive” Crowd Freaks OUt”

  1. Hoss says:

    Inclusive…it’s like stupidity and irony just gushes out of every pore they have. I keep hoping there’s some deadly gene that the SJWs have that will kill them off before much longer, but I’m starting to get a little discouraged that it might not happen.

  2. waitingForTheStorm says:

    Maybe she should just carry around a personal, dedicated, hair dresser (at public expense, BTW) like the big O and the Mooch. Maybe she should hire (again at taxpayer expense) a dog walker. Oh yeah, take lavish trips with her extensive personal entourage of hangers-on while staying in rooms that go for $3,000 a night (again, on the taxpayers). Because, reasons…

    • Jeffery says:

      Every move she makes is at taxpayer expense.

      The tRump crime family is enriching itself at our expense every day.

      We spent more ferrying tRump and his degenerate hangers-on in year one than President and Mrs. Obama spent in 4 years.

      That said, mocking Ivanka for the sake of mocking is a waste of good electrons.

  3. Jl says:

    “I can’t imagine how your non cisgender employees feel..” Who cares?

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