Town Votes To Opt-Out Of Being Part Of California Sanctuary Law

So far, there has been no response from the state, Gov. Jerry Brown, or other illegal alien supporting Democrats. That’s sure to come, especially since the city council went one step further

(OC Register) Orange County’s second-smallest city voted Monday night to exempt itself from California’s so-called sanctuary law, which limits cooperation between local agencies and federal immigration authorities.

The Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 following more than two hours of heated testimony from residents on both sides of the issue. (snip)

(Councilman Warren) Kusumoto said the issue was not about immigration.

“This council is looking out for the constituents in our city,” Kusumoto said.

Mayor Troy Edgar said he hoped mayors in other cities consider similar local legislation. And his message was clear: “As the mayor of Los Alamitos, we are not a sanctuary city.”

The council went one step further. The majority also voted to direct the city attorney to write an amicus brief to a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month against California, alleging that three of the state’s laws are unconstitutional. One of those laws was the same one the Los Alamitos council looks to opt-out of:  the “California Values Act,” which limits cooperation between law enforcement agencies and federal immigration authorities.

That last bit should certainly catch the attention of the illegal alien loving Democrats.

There was lots of interesting talk. Like this Rabbi who conflates legal immigration with law breakers, as illegal alien lovers love to do

“There’s been a real shift to a national, xenophobic acceptability in our society that is heartbreaking,” said Rabbi Jonathan Klein, executive director of the Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice group. “We’re in an era of open bigotry.”

Someone needs cheap labor to cut the laws.

One long-time resident, Javier Mejia, choked up as he described that he’s proud of his Mexican heritage but is “100 percent American.” He urged the council to vote for the proposed ordinance.

In other words, he came here legally. We’re glad to have you, Javier, and call you American

And from CBS LA

“We want people deported, simply because they’re here illegally,” another man said.

It’s a very simple concept. Illegal alien supporters have to come up with all sorts of wild, irrational, juvenile reasons for why they want illegals

“We are here to stand up to the Trump agenda. It starts in the city councils. It starts in these meetings that traditionally have no transparency,” said Tim Phan of the Young Democrats.

And Trump Derangement Syndrome is on display.

The ordinance does have to go to a second vote for validation, scheduled for April 16.

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