Town Prepares For ‘Climate Change’ By Spending Lots Of Money Doing Nothing

Seventy one Massachusetts communities are taking part in a special state funded Hotcoldwetdry program. Here’s how one taking on this task

(Boston Globe) Weymouth is beginning to plan for climate change, using a state grant to study how the town is vulnerable and what it can do to protect itself.

“Weymouth has a lot to lose from climate change, both environmentally and economically,” Mayor Robert Hedlund said in a press release. “We need new tools and resources to prepare for, and recover from, the extreme weather patterns in our future.”

As a first step, the town will conduct what’s called a “comprehensive vulnerability assessment.”

Notice how the first step is to spend lots of money on studies and stuff, rather than the town giving up its own use of fossil fuels and going carbon neutral.

The next step will be specific proposals both to reduce the town’s risks and to respond to them — a process that will include a public hearing, with a deadline of June 2018.

You know what the outcome will be: the town will declare that it needs more money from the state and Los Federales to begin planning to Do Something. Meanwhile, they’ll all continue to drive around in their fossil fueled vehicles and fossil fueled boats.

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6 Responses to “Town Prepares For ‘Climate Change’ By Spending Lots Of Money Doing Nothing”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    The town in which I live started this several years ago.. They actually got grants to hold forums on “climate change” and “sustainability.”

    Meetings were held were so called “scientists” (only one had an actual degree and that was in marketing) were brought in from all over the state to discuss the topic and tell people what needed to be done.

    They then asked for ideas from the audience.

    In a forum that was devoted to climate change and sustainability, audience members were told they could not address whether climate change was true or not. The presenters was called out on using maps that were not accurate and data that they admitted was incomplete and changed.

    Every member of the audience that rose to address the idea of climate change was told they could not and were escorted out of the building.

    Once again, this is not about science. This is about brain washing and thought control.

  2. Jeffery says:

    The science on climate change is clear. The Earth is warming, mostly from the measured increase in atmospheric CO2. Few scientists, and even fewer climate scientists, deny that the Earth is warming or that atmospheric CO2 slows the loss of infrared radiation.

    The politics of climate change is also clear. Those opposing action on global warming are almost all from the American political far-right, who largely oppose any cooperative agreement for ideological reasons.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      The good thing is Trump is taking away the funding for this bullshit.

    • I oppose it for financial reasons. I read the Kyoto accords. It was all about wealth transfer from the USA to other countries. With a generous skim for all those petty aristocrats who set it up (Al Gore and the Clintons). Regardless of the science, the political mechanisms were a scam from the very beginning designed to make a small number of people unimaginably wealthy and doing nothing to save the planet from anything.

  3. And it’s just a coincidence that everyone who is for it are ideological hard leftists and socialists and people who get paid to support it.

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