Twas The Night Before Christmas Is All About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Members of the Cult of Climastrology just can’t help themselves

Here are all the environmental lessons packed into ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem

This year I sent Christmas cards with pictures of our two electric cars with the text: “Electrify Your Christmas” and an exhortation to make 2018 your greenest year ever (by making your next car electric).

Here’s my holiday-themed environmental reminder set to select stanzas of “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore:

‘Twas the night before Christmas … night, the best time to save energy by turning off lights and using only energy-efficient LED light bulbs. On Jan. 1, the 125-year-old incandescent bulbs won’t be sold because the state energy standard, which is three times more efficient, kicks in. Did you know there are 250 million sockets in California still with the higher-energy use bulbs? If all are replaced with LEDs, it will save $1 billion a year on electric bills. Plus, they are just as bright and last 25 times longer.

OK, in all fairness Steve Scaulzillo does make a few good points about real environmental concerns, like using rat poison, using fireplaces to burn wood in sunny southern California, and how lawns are silly and water intensive in a place like southern California.

More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, and he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name … bald eagles are an environmental success story. After the EPA banned DDT, bald eagles came back. I did a story on the first nesting pair found in Los Angeles County two years ago and I believe mom and dad eagle are still there.

And now wind turbines are literally cleaving them out of the sky.

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread … sometimes I find myself dreading the effects of climate change, what future we are leaving our children and grandchildren.

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3 Responses to “Twas The Night Before Christmas Is All About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Oldav8r says:

    I’m with him 100% on that last sentence: I also dread the results of “Climate Change”; specifically this kind of BS.

  2. bob says:

    ddt is one of the best things man ever came up with. in America it completely eliminated malaria and other mosquito infestations. millions of people around the world have died because of it’s ban. there is no link to ddt and birds or any other animals. best book ever written with environmental facts is “trashing the planet” by Dixie lee ray. should be read in every school.

  3. bob says:

    those fancy overpriced light bulbs don’t last as long as they claim. if you want to sell them then sell them but there was never any reason to ban the original light bulbs. they work just fine and they were a hell of a lot cheaper. allow both to be sold at the same time and see which one is the most popular and the best in the free market. the same thing will happen with cars. the government is conditioning people to accept electric cars and over a period of time gas cars will be outlawed for no reason other than the government wants it. btw, where do electric cars get there energy. that’s right, they have to be charged through fossil fueled electricity. so much for “clean” energy.

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