If All You See…

…is horrendous carbon pollution created heat snow, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Political Clown Parade, with a post on Obama’s Iran deal.

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22 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    The Dog Eater sold out America.
    Should be lynched.

    • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

      That’s like uttering the name of the devil. Now the little illiterate racist bigot will try to refute you with strawmen, ad hominems, and other assorted f*ckwitery. I joke, he’ll show up regardless. This blog has contracted herpes, and that herpes is named Jeffery.

      • Dana says:

        Herpes? I’m old enough to remember the herpes scare back in the early 80s, before people found out about AIDS. Once AIDS became known, people stopped thinking that the herp was so bad; at least it didn’t kill you!

        However, Jeffrey might not be like herpes, incurable and never disappearing. After all, John used to be almost as bad, but he seems to have left.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Although Russian bots have yet to report on the Russian asset, Dotard tRump’s, health issues, it is bubbling to the surface. tRump has pre-dementia as evidenced by his angry outbursts, his declining speech patterns and especially his greatly diminished vocabulary. The Putin/tRump team has been trying to hide his deterioration.

    • Fargo says:

      Most Humans in their 70’s have pre-dementia. I’m pretty sure your suffering from it as well.

      his declining speech patterns and especially his greatly diminished vocabulary.

      Ahh the GWB playbook. I remember it was all about how stupid he was because he didn’t give flowery speeches like Obama and the only way they could make Obama look good was to make everyone else look bad. Now Trump who has talked like this all his life is now suddenly dumb…..

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. You guys on the left are so funny. Even MSNBC was talking about the polling and how the left has NO message and that when 2018 hits they are going to be screaming hysterically at Trump instead of putting forth an alternative reason NOT to vote for Republicans who gave them tax cuts, good judges and most likely the next move is infrastructure spending in democratic Areas and jobs for those democrats who voted for Trump.

      Know what their motto is right now? Besides Trumps an Idiot? Its “A Better Deal.” They sound like used car salesmen or a weekend furniture sale.

      I remember watching a rerun of MSNBC of election night and how they brought in this journalist. Respected guy, Richard Engle I think it was who just talked about how the country was going to riot and that trump would have us in Nuclear war and that our allies would abandon us and the stock market would tank and that peoples retirement would be destroyed and that the nation would plunge into chaos.

      What he forgot to mention that IF all that actually did happen it would be led over they abyss by the Left and their never trump RESISTANCE movement and Michael Moore who is Just what the left needs in their party. An absolute Moron who is trying his damnest to destroy the Democratic party. Just like the right is dealing with the Moron Steve Bannon.

    • Dana says:

      And here I thought that discussing heath was a no-no. Or was that only only with regard to the lovely Hillary Clinton?

      But, hey, if the President has to resign due to deteriorating health — he is 71 you know — we get Mike Pence as President. That’s not a bad thing at all.

  3. Jeffery says:

    No offense GOP, you claim your Tax Cuts for Millionaires Law will INCREASE government revenues, yet you limited the duration of the personal tax “cuts” to limit the INCREASE in the DEBT. How can that be? If it won’t increase the debt (per your claim) why “sunset” the personal tax cuts (while keeping the corporate tax cuts) to keep the additional debt under $1.5 TRILLION. And your law increases income disparity.

    Our tiny corporation (worth just over $100 million), our executives, and investors will benefit. Thanks.

    America will be hurt.

    • Fargo says:

      Who cares? We don’t care what the left thinks anymore. Not at all. Period. I can see you got your new Email from the DNC.

      We do not care. Read our lips. We do not care what the left thinks anymore. You guys are just screaming to be screaming because it seemed to work for the right during Obama. The real difference is that Obama actually was doing serious things to piss people off.

      Like a trillion dollar infrastructure that did NOTHING NOT A DAMN THING for anyone. Nothing new as built. It was kickback money to his cesspool friends.

      He gave us Obamacare which everyone but the 38 percent in America who are democrats loved and then only because it was the promise that under HRC we would finally have Universal health care.

      Why are you so bent on taxing the rich. Their extra 100 billion in taxes is a drop in the fiscal bucket that will get you NOTHING new in the welfare areana. You love taxing the rich because its popular in the Democratic party.

      That same party that has now the weakest it has been since before the Civil war.

      Yeah your strategy is a real winner. WE DO NOT CARE what you guys think.

      Just like you guys DID NOT THINK what we thought when you passed Dodd-Frank and Obamacare. You paid the price for doing so. Both bill very unpopular yet you passed them anyway and then other than keeping the White House with the Teflon man you watched your power in States and the national government fail.

      WE DO NOT CARE WHAT THE LEFT THINKS anymore because we know it is Micahel Moore led noise to keep from being primaried.

      So go scream in your closet because we do not care what the left thinks. anymore. Donald Trump made lots of promises. Hes keeping those promises. That’s why he will get elected over the lying Beach Pochahantas from MESSYTUCHETS as she pushes her far left, over the cliff communist agenda against a nation whose economy is roaring and people are working again.

      Run the fake drug store indian gurl. Perhaps she can be your Katnis Everdeen. Or better yet run bernis sanders and let his full blown socialist message resonate with all those people who now have jobs that had SHIT for 8 years under Obama and are having their cities rebuilt.

      Go for it. Chief.

      • Dana says:

        Well, I care, and I opposed the tax bill for precisely that reason: I wanted to see spending cut.

        We need a two-pronged approach right now: scale back welfare dramatically (personally, I’d like to see it simply eliminated), and force able-bodied Americans to either get a job, or starve to death. This has to be coupled with tremendously increased immigration enforcement, to kick the illegals out, without mercy or exception, and free up the jobs they have for Americans. When Americans have no choice but to take those jobs, or starve, they’ll take the jobs.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Hey, the guy just took over and has accomplished more in 11 months than any preceding President.

          2018 looks to be a great year.

        • Fargo says:

          and force able-bodied Americans to either get a job, or starve to death.

          Awesome dude. This is why the left is rioting in the streets because of morons like you who believe that if you get sick you should just die. Or if you cant find a job because the democrats destroy the economy you and your family should just die.

          This is mind blowing. This is why I rarely read anything you write here but because you replied to my comment, Ill reply to yours.

          Two pronged attack. Let people die and let people starve. Gotcha. Awesome plan.

        • Jeffery says:

          Dana typed:

          personally, I’d like to see it (welfare) simply eliminated

          What do you consider welfare? SNAP (food stamps)? Social Security? Medicare? Medicaid? SS disability? Housing assistance?

          (In Missouri businesses and rich folks can sell and buy tax credits. If a business gets more state tax credits than they can use (when their tax liability reaches zero), they can sell them for less than they are worth to a business that needs them, who can use them to reduce their liability. Most carpenters, teachers, clerks, firemen, soldiers and mechanics don’t really have the opportunity to take advantage of this kind of good deal. Thanks Republicans!)

          The best estimates are that “illegal employers” give jobs to about 8 million undocumented workers.

          So you would round up 8 million motel maids, meat packing workers, strawberry and lettuce pickers, construction workers, roofers and gardeners, litigate (due process – it’s inconveniently in our Constitution) and deport them. 8 million. If you deported 1000 a day it would take 8000 days or 22 years. Do you think we can deport 1000 a day? Why not just imprison the hundred thousand white men who hire them? Wouldn’t the “illegal” jobs dry up then? Why hasn’t tRump suggested this fix? Why isn’t ICE breaking down the doors in Palm Beach and dragging illegal employers out in handcuffs? The “illegal employers” are breaking the law, why aren’t we prosecuting them? Selective enforcement?

          Do you have any evidence that your undefined “welfare” is keeping “able bodied” Americans from taking low wage jobs?

          An aside: Didn’t your company exist on government contracts? What if your welfare (Social Security, Medicare, government contracts) was cut off?

  4. Jeffery says:


    Most of what Con Men believe to be true is not true. You delude yourselves.

    Suddenly Con Men claim the economy is booming although it’s been steadily improving since the Great Recession. Wage growth is still too slow. The working classes are still under economic stress – and tRump and the GOP slashes taxes on corporations and guys like me. Thanks, I guess.

    The GOPs next move will be to slash Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid while lavishing billions of tax dollars on defense contractors. Our military is bigger than the COMBINED militaries of China, Russia, India, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Italy, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt… you get the idea. But the GOP playbook is to take money from the working classes, cut services to the working classes and give it to the wealthy and corporations, especially defense contractors. While increasing the debt they decry if a Dem is Prez.

    We get it. YOU don’t care. But we do. On top of the “genetic” predisposition of the GOP to attack the middle class, we the unintentional effect of harming the naion, we now have a mentally unfit and dangerous president possessing autocratic tendencies. The mass of Americans do care. We understand why the 30% who support authoritarianism don’t care, so long as the gov’t harasses the “other” in their stead.

    If you really think that I needed a big tax cut, that too many Americans have access to healthcare insurance, that too many poor kids have access to health insurance, that Medicare and Social Security recipients receive too much, that we need to spend even more than a third of our budget on defense then you are supporting the right horse.

    A Wall Street Journal poll released this morning has 7% of those polled saying the Relief for Millionaires tax bill will help the middle class. 7%. 63% responded it will mostly benefit the wealthy and corporations.

    Why haven’t corporations, with record profits and cash over the past decade, NOT reinvested in America? Why will a corporate tax cut (which the GOP incongruously claims is neutralized by eliminating tax loopholes – that’s trying to have it both ways) suddenly cause them to invest in workers? It won’t.

    You may not care, but 70% of your fellow citizens do. You should get out more.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      But I’m sure you’re full of shit as usual repeating the leftist mantra which, by the way, never changes.

      *in case you missed it black unemployment at lowest rate since 2000.

      So fvck off, little guy, you’re irrelevant.

    • Dana says:

      Jeffrey wrote:

      If you really think that I needed a big tax cut,

      Hey, if you believe that your taxes have been cut too much, just follow this link, where you can voluntarily pay more in taxes! Go right ahead, we won’t stop you. But we all know that you won’t, don’t we?

      Remember Senatrix Elizabeth Warren? When she ran for office in 2012, it was revealed that, even though she said taxes were too low, Massachusetts had a provision which allowed people to voluntarily pay their state taxes at the old, higher rate . . . and she chose not to do so. Fauxhantas was a hypocrite as well as a liar and an idiot.

      Well, c’mon Jeffrey, put your millions where your mouth is: figure your 2018 taxes at the 2017 tax structure, and pay the difference voluntarily. I’ve shown you how, right from the comfort of your computer desk. Let’s see everybody on the left pony up those additional tax dollars, to show us how noble and patriotic and just plain better than us they really are.

      • Jeffery says:


        You first. I will pay the extra if you promise to match it. This is a typical ploy by the right – to have someone else support them! I should pay more so that you can pay less?

    • Fargo says:

      Most of what Con Men believe to be true is not true. You delude yourselves.

      This is true. The minute politics or religion enter your life you convince yourself that X is true and Y is not and rarely can anyone sway your position. You do not change my mind no matter what you say because Ive heard it a billion times from the left and all I have to do is look at a 100 democratic run cities and the poverty and illness that permeates these cities where taxes are thru the roof.

      Where Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation and they are dropping like flies to gun violence. Nothing you say will ever change my opinion that the Left has any solutions to anything other than rich people are evil and we want their money.

  5. Fargo says:

    Well, I care, and I opposed the tax bill for precisely that reason: I wanted to see spending cut.

    Your lying to yourself if you ever believe that we can balance the budget. The only way your ever going to balance the budget is to have such screaming economy that revenues run amuck, and then the Pols will find a way to waste that money too.

    So most of us do not care what you far right libertarian whackos think either. You guys are so far right that you and bernie sanders are holding hands.

    Im a conservative in a party thats being hijacked by far right whacko libertarians who are no better than the far left commies in the democratic party. Neither one of you have solutions that are workable or that actually solve problems.

    • Jeffery says:


      It’s sincerely refreshing to hear someone describe themselves as an actual conservative. For decades conservatives and liberals worked together in fits and starts to get things done but now the extremes are so far apart that nothing gets resolved.

      The one constant is that Dems and Repubs both ignore the middle class and take care of the elites.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Balance the budget? We have about a $20 trillion debt now (about 100% GDP), not quite as high as after WWII. Dems and Repubs working together did balance the budget (actual surpluses year after year!) almost eliminating all debt until Reagan was elected. Our debt nearly tripled during the Reagan/Bush administration. After WWII our top marginal rates were over 90% for personal income and the top corporate rate was 42-52.8%. The top corporate rate was 46% during the Reagan years and was cut to where it was Monday (35%) during the George H.W. Bush administration. The new Millionaire Relief Act cuts the corp rate to 21%. The percentage of total revenues from corporate taxes has decreased over the past few decades as the burden has been shifted to individual income taxes and payroll taxes. During the Clinton years the yearly deficit was continually trimmed until we even ran a yearly surplus (thanks to a vigorous economy and a tax increase).

    So if “high” corporate taxes are stifling the economy now, why didn’t much higher corporate taxes stifle the economy in the 50s and 60s?

    W Bush doubled the debt with tax cuts and his middle east excursions, Obama nearly doubled it again as a result of the Great Recession (Obama tax cuts – almost $1 trillion, decreased revenues, stimulus spending, unemployment and Medicaid spending). In general, when times are tough we increase spending, when times are flush we pay down the debt. But as Dick Cheney famously said, “Ronald Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter”.

    • Fargo says:

      I like how you make up facts there. We had surpluses year after year until Reagan was elected???

      The fact is that a republican congress balanced the budget under Clinton. It was balanced for 3 years. Then Bush was Elected and he cut Taxes. Which even to me at the time made no sense. But to some people it did. We have surpluses that’s a crime. give the money back.

      Lost in all this is that during bush Sr. the usa pulled out of Europe. Division after division came home. Closing bases all over the world, including dozens of bases here in the USA. The cold war was over and so was cold war military spending. Reducing our military expenditures greatly during this time AND (the drastic change to welfare)allowed them to be in a position to reduce the deficit to where they had a balanced Budget for 3 years.

      This is why it was accomplished. Massive cuts to the military which at the time were acceptable because of the collapse of the USSR. Today I see nothing in our budget that’s going to net us 450-500 billion in cuts. Rising taxes on the RICH would require about an 80 percent tax to make up this difference. They will simply hide their money off shore.

      Rising corporate taxes will only do one thing. Make sure that all of that is paid by the consumer because a corporation does not pay taxes. If you put a tax on hamburger do you think McDonalds is going to eat it or pass it along in the form of a higher cost of a hamburger?

  7. Jeffery says:

    Does anyone know if the new tax bill eliminates certain tax shelters such as Conservation Easements? With this one, folks can purchase land at market price have it re-appraised at a much higher value (often several times above market), “gift” the easement (by promising not to develop it) and use it as a tax deduction. So for a small investment they can reduce their tax liability by millions. Sweet deal. Most working stiffs can’t take advantage of this. Mr. Trump has sheltered 100s of millions in income this way (perfectly legal – but kind of “swampy”). And this one shelter is replicated over and over with other shelters.

    Does the new law address any of these?

    Wasn’t the original intent of the new law to simplify the tax code and eliminate all the loopholes that allowed businesses and the wealthy to “shelter” income? Again, not many working stiffs get to take advantage of these loopholes.

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