Bummer: No Amnesty For Illegal Aliens This Christmas

Perhaps instead of Demanding that the United States give them legal status and that we enact absolutely no enforcement nor deterrent measures, do away with chain migration of people who don’t speak the language, have different values, and not only do not want to assimilate, they demand we change for them, the illegals should try saying “please” and “thank you”

(Breitbart) Senate GOP whip John Cornyn told reporters on Monday that an amnesty for younger illegals won’t be debated in the Senate this month, but will be considered in January.

According to Reuters:

The U.S. Senate will not consider an immigration bill as part of year-end legislation but will turn to a measure protecting immigrant youths known as “Dreamers” in January, No. 2 Senate Republican John Cornyn said on Monday …

“The president has given us enough time to deal with this before March and so I think that’s plenty of time and I expect us to meet it,” Cornyn told reporters, adding, “If we can’t, then the president could extend the deadline if he chose to do so. But this is something we’re going to turn to, I’m sure, in January.”

The statement comes after Democratic leaders tried to intimidate GOP leaders with an unpopular and unlikely threat to block a government budget bill if the GOP did not agree to a no-strings amnesty for 3.24 million illegals.

Oh, well. If the illegal alien Dreamers really love this country, then perhaps they can apply for the lawfully enacted pathway to citizenship like everyone else does.

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