‘Climate Change’ Is Already Wreaking Havoc On Our Weather Or Something

This comes from the same people who usually tell us that weather is not climate after a cold snap or snow, right before they tell us that cold and snow are a result of ‘climate change’

Climate Change Is Already Wreaking Havoc on Our Weather, Scientists Find

The Arctic is melting with no turning back. Climate change increased rainfall during Hurricane Harvey by at least 15%. And several extreme weather events that occurred in 2016 would not have been possible without man-made global warming.

These are among the findings being discussed this week at this fall’s meeting of the American Geophysical Union in New Orleans, the largest gathering of Earth scientists in the world. Taken together, the findings show the deepening urgency of the fight against climate change.

Did you ever notice that they almost never discuss the good things from a warming world (regardless of your opinion on causation), like increased growing season, fewer heating days, fewer deaths from cold, shorter flu seasons, and so on? It’s always doom with this crowd.

Anyhow, weren’t we told by multiple scientists that the Arctic would be ice free by now?

“Climate change is hurting us without a doubt,” said James Byrne, a professor at the University of Lethbridge who studies climate change, at a press conference. “Houston, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, British Columbia — worst fire season ever. California, I think they declared it the worst fire season.”

Scientists have explored the link between climate change and extreme weather events for years, but many of the conclusions have relied on forecasts of potential future damage. This year, scientists say, the findings are no longer theoretical. Man-made global warming is causing problems here and now.

Because weather was always completely stable prior to the use of fossil fuels. Sheesh.

The report also highlighted global heat waves, an extreme occurence of El Niño and bleaching of coral reefs. These extreme events are all closely tied to climate change, though they remain theoretically possible in a world without the phenomenon.

Nice qualifier: theoretically possible. Now give us funding!

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27 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Is Already Wreaking Havoc On Our Weather Or Something”

  1. Hank says:

    I hear that polar bears are starving in Venezuela and North Korea, think of the children.

  2. Jeffery says:

    And our only Earth continues to warm rapidly. But maybe you and tRump and the rest of the right-wing ideologues are right and everything will be OK.

    Do you have even the slightest doubt in your political position on this? Are you absolutely certain that the current period of rapid global warming will not hurt humans?

    Tom Nelson (just another twitterer) typed:

    What % of climate scientists are working hard to link CO2 with *positive* events, such as higher crop yields, rain that ends droughts or wildfires, fewer hypothermia deaths, fewer snow/ice-related traffic deaths etc?

    Just another straw man. In fact, the same scientists study all effects of global warming including the effects on crop yields, the “greening” of forests, rain/drought/wildfires, hypothermia etc. By all means make the case that the current period of rapid global warming will be good for the Earth’s peoples, but realize that over 90% (some say 97%!) of the scientists who study such things conclude that “while global climate change will have both positive and negative effects on human societies, on the whole the negatives will likely outweigh the positives. In addition, the risk of potential catastrophic global warming (>4C) should prompt us to slow AGW now.”

    Even with a 4C increase the human species will survive. After all, some 70,000 years ago* following the Toba supereruption humankind was reduced almost to extinction (10,000 or fewer), but look at us now! And all evolved from those hardy souls!

    *We recognize that many on the far-right believe the Earth is only 6-10,000 years old and that humans arose fully-formed by magic.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Seems little guy is as confused about the meaning of the strawman argument as he is about the meaning of propensity.

  3. Jl says:

    J continues his 97% (now 90%?) BS, which has been debunked countless times, not that it would matter, of course., as consensus is irrelevant. By the way, since we’re using an approximately 150 yr thermometer record to say, breathlessly, “rapid”, how fast was the warming during all the other 150 yr periods during the Holocene, or for that matter, before the Holcene? You mean you don’t know, because paleo records aren’t that precise for short term periods as far as comparing them to the present? Then you don’t know.

  4. Jl says:

    Funny-“we believe many on the far-right (its never just the ‘right’) believe the earth is only 6-10,000 yrs old and humans arose y magic.” Now who has the straw man argument?

  5. Rotterdam says:

    The AGW crowd are destroying the world. But then Lenin and Stalin murdered 60-100 million and we survived.

    Look to the rainforest for all these droughts as we continue to raze the rainforests the size of PA. every year.

    • Jeffery says:


      You compare climate scientists to Lenin and Stalin? I guess that’s fair. tRump is the new Hitler and the GOP is the new Nazi Party (except the Nazis were less pedophily,,,LOL).

      • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

        The Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers Party, they (and Hitler) greatly admired the eugenics movement (Margaret Sanger is still your saint!!) of the Progressive party of the US and sought to emulate it. The Nazi party was the first “green movement”. Hitler was a vegetarian teetotaler that wanted the government to control everything, and was in favor of full gun control. The Progressives are and always have been the Nazis. You are Hitler, and you always have been, you murderous bigot nutjob.

        • Jeffery says:

          Touch a nerve? You’re stupid even by Missouri hillbilly standards. The Nazis were right wing authoritarians. Lenin and Stalin were left wing authoritarians.

          • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

            Sure thing genius. They believed all the retarded crap that you do. You both dearly love gun control and the murder of innocents. Gotta fund that PP!

          • Jeffery says:


            And weren’t the Nazis white Christian nationalists just like the new GOP with tRump as their leader?

      • Fargo says:

        The AGW crowd are destroying the world. But then Lenin and Stalin murdered 60-100 million and we survived.

        Look to the rainforest for all these droughts as we continue to raze the rainforests the size of PA. every year.

        I understand why you love to call people names. It takes the focus off truths that might make it past your personal agenda.

  6. JR Richmond says:

    Briefly, the science of weather is called meteorology, and meteorologists universely agree that climate change is a shitload of crap. You can look it up on line. Geophysical whats its, who often meet in NuAllins, are actually obsessed with having a small auto parked up their ass. Having a job in Lethbridge studying climate change is like having a job at the morgue studying evolution-watch long enough (about three days) and you will observe decided changes in homo anatomy. Coincedently, you will find the largest gatherings of Earth Scientists in the earth, as well as homos, feel free to dig some up and observe your own sensory changes. Junior is living proof that the Fundamental Christian conviction man has continously devolved since Adam is self evident. The correct term and spelling is PharRite determined by weeks of meth and opium consumption following your initial firefight capped off with substantial Thai stick. Semper Fry. The current common norte americano weather condition has always been named “Indian Summer”, which anyone who has lived long enough to wear long pants and shoes should know. Rotterdam is straight up, the foundation of all this BS was the rainforest, and until these kids have a senior trip there they’ll never get it. JR

  7. Jeffery says:

    meteorologists universally agree that climate change is a shitload of crap.

    There is this from the American Meteorological Society:

    DECEMBER 13, 2017 – NEW ORLEANS, LA – Last year’s record global heat, extreme heat over Asia, and unusually warm waters in the Bering Sea would not have been possible without human-caused climate change, according to new research in Explaining Extreme Events in 2016 from a Climate Perspective, a report published today as a special supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS).

    In the six years scientists have been producing this annual report, this is the first time they have found that extreme events could not have happened without human-caused warming of the climate through increases in greenhouse gases.


    The position of the American Meteorological Society is that humans are causing climate change.


    So whom are you talking about? Former TV weatherman, Tony Wuwt?

    And all it takes to convince the world that the loss of tropical forests is causing global warming is evidence.

  8. Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

    Nice try, bigot. The Nazis loved themselves some racial politics and they loved the state neopagan religion just like the Progs, and you.

    • Jeffery says:

      Nice try. The Nazis were anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish Protestants.

      So the Nazis weren’t white nationalists either? What about all that superior Aryan nonsense spouted by the Nazis that the US neoNazis, the KKK and the US white nationalists proclaim to this day? And that tRump agrees with?

      • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

        The Nazis seeking to avoid alienating the populace, sought to gradually supplant existing belief structures with their own ersatz ancient German neopagan nonsense. Germany was a majority Catholic country, yet eventually was fully anti-Catholic and brutally came down on protestant denominations that did not toe the state line. The Nazi inner circle wanted a fully German belief system that did not have a Jewish or Christian influence, thus the pagan symbology that they put everywhere -the German “S: rune, the swastika, etc. Hitler bemoaned the fact that Jan Sobieski had repelled the Turks at the Battle of Vienna, because islam was a “true warriors” faith.

        I at no time said that the Nazis were not f*ckwits, what I said was that the progs (and you) are the identical flavor, of f*ckwits. And as far as the KKK goes, don’t you dare put that nonsense at my feet, I have family that had to guard their churches against the KKK with shotguns (a right that you would have denied them). As to the [Trump agrees with them], again, you lie like a dog

        • Jeffery says:

          So you’re saying Naziism supplanted “true” Christianity in Germany the way Trumpism is supplanting “true” Evangelical Christianity in the US.

          The morality of evangelicals has been replaced by the “morality” of Trumpism. And it only took a couple of years. And an atheist shall lead them, LOL. Sexual assault, greed, lying, serial marriage, cruelty, pedophilia are all OK as long you can stay in power and hope to ban abortion. Is banning abortion more important than any other issue?

          What makes you think I’d have kept your family from defending their church with shotguns? I have several shotguns myself. 1100s, 870, Browning, 410, even an old 16g double. I’ve never shot a KKK member but it’s an interesting thought.

          • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

            It is hard to imagine a bigoted idiot dishonest enough to make the argument that Nazis and Evangelicals are morally the same, yet here you are…

  9. Jeffery says:

    It is hard to imagine a bigoted idiot dishonest enough to make the argument that Nazis and Evangelicals are morally the same

    And yet it was Teach and a Cesspoolian who said, and other Cesspoolians who defended, the comparison of climate scientists to Lenin and Stalin and the communists.

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