Apparently, The NY Times Has A Climate Mascot

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle is TDS

Editorial: A global push on climate change thrives without Trump

Though the Trump White House ignores climate change, the rest of the world isn’t neglecting the doomsday issue. A top-level gathering of global leaders in Paris is pushing ahead with plans to cool temperatures and shift economies at a hurry-up pace. (big snip)

The determined spirit can’t disguise the political challenges that remain. The Paris accords reached in 2015 are built on regular progress in ratcheting down emissions in five-year increments. That ambitious direction was to be underwritten by billions in subsidies from wealthy, polluting nations, a circle that no longer includes the U.S.

And full stop: we have global elitists attempting to control economies for their beliefs and redistribute money, which will end up harming the U.S. middle and lower classes. It’s good that Trump isn’t involving the U.S. in this scam.

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One Response to “Apparently, The NY Times Has A Climate Mascot”

  1. MrToad21 says:

    Germany, France, Canada and the EU are well aware of who will now be ‘underwriting this ambitious direction’ that China, India, Russia will be taking as they install their new coal plants because……settled science.

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