Surprise: At Least One California Wildfire Definately Not Governor Brown’s ‘Climate Change’

Governor Jerry Brown, like many other Warmists, was quick to link the California wildfires to Hotcoldwetdry. Well, they’ll have to continue searching for their white whale in at least one case

(Fox News) An illegal cooking fire at a homeless encampment sparked a wildfire in Bel-Air last week, authorities said Tuesday.

The Skirball fire erupted last Wednesday, burning more than 400 acres, destroying six structures and damaging 12 others. It is now 85 percent contained, with nearly 70 firefighters still working for full containment, officials told the Los Angeles Times.

The encampment was in a canyon several hundred feet from Interstate 405 and hidden from passing cars, the Times reported.

The fire was not deliberately set, investigators told the newspaper. They have not found any of the people who lived there, as the camp was largely destroyed, leaving officials with little evidence. The Los Angeles Fire Department found no suspects, and the size of the encampment before the fire was unclear, the report said.

The remnants of the site included a burned portable stove, pot, cheese grater, and fuel canisters, according to the newspaper. The camp was one of many makeshift communities that have developed along freeways, rivers and open spaces throughout Los Angeles.


Humans are usually the cause of fires in Southern California, through sources such as car crashes, faulty farm equipment, cigarette butts or camping fires, officials told the Times.

Ninety percent of wildfires nationwide are human-caused, the Los Angeles Daily News reported, citing the National Park Service.

Human-caused, but not human-caused climate change caused.

BTW, why are Leftist Californian’s so firebug-y?

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4 Responses to “Surprise: At Least One California Wildfire Definately Not Governor Brown’s ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jeffery says:

    TEACH illustrates perfectly the use of the Straw Man argument. He tears down the Straw Man that he erected that climate change realists claim that global warming is causing the spontaneous ignition of wildfires.

    Climate realists are making no such claim. The conditions created by global warming, e.g., including heavy spring rains and summer and winter drought, coupled with seasonal wind storms increase the severity of wildfires.

    The truth is a bit more complex than TEACHs simple (conservative) falsehood.

  2. Jl says:

    Funny-climate change causes rain and drought. And there’s no evidence they increase the severity. If so, one would have to know what the fire would have been like without the extra CO2. “Heavy spring rain.” We were told a while ago that California and Texas could be in a state of permanent drought. Heavy spring rains have nothing to do with permanent drought.

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