Democrats Face Tough Choice On DACA

CNN, in between doing stupid stories, and having their reporters focus on the stupid, decides to run something interesting and deep, noting that Democrats have a tough choice on DACA

With just two weeks until Congress is expected to leave town, the fate of roughly 700,000 young immigrants still hangs in the balance.

And, it could be up to Senate Democrats now to decide whether they will make protections for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program recipients a condition of their support for a must-pass spending bill or punt the issue to next year when they still have months to work it out.

There’s a whole host of issues that must be dealt with by the end of the year including reauthorizing a spying program, funding disaster relief and paying for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which has all sparked questions about whether Democrats will insist DACA also be included in that list of year-end spending priorities.

Republican leaders have thrown cold water on the idea that a DACA deal could get attached to a year-end spending package, leading to questions about whether Democrats — under pressure from their base — would shut down the government over a program that doesn’t begin to expire fully until March. Activists and some Democratic members point out that the must-pass spending deadline could be the party’s best opportunity to exert pressure on Republicans who don’t want a government shutdown to occur when they control all levers of government.

In other words, will Democrats jam up the works, and even force a government shutdown, over protection of illegal aliens over the legal citizens and residents of the United States?

Many of the more extreme Democrats are more than willing to go this route, and they are really taking over the party from the oldsters like Pelosi. And they want a clean DACA bill, meaning that it gives everything to Dreamers, and does nothing on border security, sanctuary cities, judges to process deportees, and so forth. But, will they take the side of the illegals to gum needed legislation up over U.S. citizens? I guess we’ll see.

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