If All You See…

…is a horrible pool wasting valuable water which will soon disappear from climate change, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post on Snowflakes upset that they’re called snowflakes.

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39 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Next thing you know racists will be upset they’re called racists.

    Or sexual predators will be upset they’re called sexual predators.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Speaking of sexual predators… well, little guy, you should know.

      Is the grandson still in therapy from the assrapings you inflicted upon him?

    • david7134 says:

      You are the only racist in this group.

      • Jeffery says:


        You white supremacists always feel attacked when anyone points out that you are a white supremacist. You interpret that being pointed out to you as “racist”.

      • Jeffery says:


        Real doctors are concluding that Trump’s constellation of signs, including the changes in his vocabulary and reasoning over time, his physical instability, his angry and inappropriate outbursts, his family history and his age point to a progressive dementia. Mr. Trump used to be smart, clever, humorous, well-spoken, and at times, even kind to others. His behavior has clearly deteriorated significantly over the past 1 or 2 decades. He should step down now, and get medical treatment and occupational therapy. He should have our pity, not our opprobrium. America is at risk because of his illness. Anyway, that right-wing lunatic Pence would take over, and he’s more extreme than Trump, but not demented like Trump.

        • Right. Real doctors who’ve never actually examined him.

          • Jeffery says:

            Did dave and the right-wing docs who diagnosed Senator Clinton with Parkinson’s or other neurodegenerative diseases examine her?

            We didn’t think so.

            Unlike other Presidents and candidates, tRump has refused to be examined

            The poor fellow has dementia, perhaps worse than President Reagan’s.

        • david7134 says:

          Your lies are getting worse all the time. You do realize that the people here are smarter than you and read more. Suggest you do the ssme. As to neurodegenerative disease, you can get the diagnosis from a distance, but you have to have more brain power than you.

        • Dana says:

          Ain’t it amazing? Not only is Donald Trump a buffoon, a sexual assailant, an arrogant SOB and an all-around asshole, but now Jeffrey and his fellow travelers tell us that he’s got Alzheimer’s Disease . . . and he still beat Hillary Clinton!

          • Jeffery says:

            Agreed, he is all those things, not to mention a fellow traveler with the Russians who helped him get within 3 million votes of the most reviled politician in recent American history.

            Time will tell how much damage he will inflict on the US before his elimination.

  2. Rotterdam says:

    Mueller investigator attended Hillary party, another rep’d top aide as bias concerns grow

    CNN botches dates, wrongly reports Trump campaign had WikiLeaks peek

    Morning Joe’ host Mika Brzezinski victim shames Al Franken’s accuser for supporting Trump

    Roy Moore accuser admits she wrote part of yearbook inscription attributed to Alabama Senate candidate

    Sex scandal storm about to get worse for Congress, amid calls to nix ‘hush fund’: ‘It’s coming’

    And the hits just keep on coming. Trump vowed to drain the swamp and I dont care which party is hit by it. If your corrupt. If your swimming in the sewer you need to go.

    But me thinkst that the MSM and the entrenched establishment is panic ridden to be rid of Trump so they can return to the soothing waters of the sewer.

  3. Rotterdam says:

    Ronan Farrow throws shade at NBC News for ‘veil of silence’ around Harvey Weinstein

    Aaron Zebley, another former partner at WilmerHale and a former chief of staff to Mueller when he served as FBI director, represented Justin Cooper, a key figure in the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

    On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Mueller investigator Andrew Weissmann, a former partner at WilmerHale, attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party last November at the Javits Center in New York City. Fox News reported earlier this week that Weissmann in January also praised outgoing acting Attorney General Sally Yates, after she was fired for refusing to defend President Trump’s travel ban.

    Jeannie Rhee, another former partner at WilmerHale, represented ex-Obama National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 racketeering case, and Hillary Clinton herself in a lawsuit seeking access to her private emails.

    “You’ve got Donald Trump being persecuted by Hillary Clinton’s fan club—that’s inequitable,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a member of the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox News on Friday. “Many of the members of Mueller’s team donated to the Clinton campaign. We have a lot of highly qualified federal prosecutors in the Justice Department and we could have found a bunch of them who didn’t donate to either candidate. But that didn’t occur, and that’s troubling.” 

  4. Rotterdam says:

    The special counsel himself has been appointed to five Senate-confirmed positions by four different presidents – two Republicans, and two Democrats. Mueller is said to be a life-long Republican, serving as FBI director for President George W. Bush.

    Well Guess what All the BUSHs hate trump. Hate him. they would do anything to nail him to a cross and it looks like this is exactly whats happening. The infamous Mueller who is GWB’s good buddy and the president who gave us unending wars in the middle east is now on a secret vendetta against Trump using his good buddy Mueller.

    I dont want this special prosecution to end. I would just like to have a fair and impartial team running the probe. Anyone remember who was on Richard Nixons special prosecution team? Yeah that would be Hillary Clinton.

    The sewer is deep in Washington DC.

    • Jeffery says:

      70% of Americans disapprove of tRump, and most of those that approve of him are uneducated white men. Good luck finding enough educated investigators who fully support him.

      • Fargo says:

        Your reading comprehension sometimes is lacking isn’t it?

        He did not say he wanted trump supporters running the probe. He said he wanted impartial people running the probe. Justice in America professes to be blind. But how can it be blind when the verdict against you was written before you were even tried? AKA HRC and Comey.

        Would you seriously want to go to trial for murder with all the jurors sitting in the chair who were sons and daughters of the guy you supposedly murdered? Or the gal you raped. Or the owners of the store you robbed?

        How about if the judge was the father of the daughter who you ran over with your car in a drunken fit of stupidity?

        Justice needs to be blind for a reason. So that a reasonable outcome can be expected by all parties. Preferably and impartial one.

  5. Dana says:

    The Canadian maple leaves on her bikini top are very well placed!

  6. Jeffery says:

    Do you think Dotard tRump will do the white thing and pardon or commute the 20 yr sentence of Officer Michael Slager for shooting Walter Scott 5 times in the back and planting false evidence?

    Won’t this ruling encourage more Black men to run from police who are shooting at them?

    Should tRump pardon Slager?

    • Dana says:

      Actually, he should.

      Mr Slager was tried by the state of South Carolina, and the state could not convict him. Once that happened, the feds stepped in, to try him on a federal charge, for the same offense. That’s legal, but it’s also smarmy.

      • Jeffery says:


        The Feds charged Slager with violating Mr. Scott’s civil rights and obstruction of justice, not murder. If convicted, he could have received life, but he agreed to a plea bargain for 20 years (after the obstruction charges were dropped). Obstruction of justice is a serious offense as Bill Clinton knows, and tRump and “associates” fear.

        Based on your comment, you probably also oppose the Feds pursuing charges against Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, who was acquitted by a CA jury for murdering Kate Steinle. Right?

      • Jeffery says:


        Actually the Feds dropped the murder charge and charged Slager with violating Mr. Scott’s civil rights. Slager pleaded guilty, perhaps in anticipation of a tRump pardon (a la Arpiehole).

        Do you also object to the Feds trying Jose Inez Garcia Zarate after a CA jury found him not guilty?

  7. Jeffery says:

    Who said it in 2005?

    “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women — I just start kissing them, it’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything…”

    1. Senator Al Franken
    2. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein
    3. “President” Dotard tRump
    4. Bill Cosby
    5. Actor Kevin Spacey
    6. “Journalist” Matt Lauer
    7. Pundit Bill O’Reilly

    Hint: He’s the only one not fired or indicted.

    • Fargo says:

      Who cares. We only care that your side gets decimated politically. Trump wasnt elected to be pope. He was elected to roll back 1000’s of obama regulations. End Obamacare, bring back jobs, stop illegal immigration and defeat ISIS among a whole host of other things.

      Your the only DOTARD that seems to care about all this sex stuff. Why is it that Democrats are obsessed with SEX? Transexual, gay sex, bisex, lesbian sex, abortions, condoms, womens rights seem to be how abused they can be before they finally speak out.

      • Jeffery says:

        Far gone,

        Do you believe it’s acceptable to sexually assault women? Is it OK for men in positions of power to force themselves on others?

        What other crimes do you think are excusable in the pursuit of your political ends? Obstruction of justice? Bribery? Murder?

        Why do YOU think only 30% of Americans approve of Dotard tRump?

        • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

          Only you would be an asshat enough to repeatedly stalk and crap on cheesecake posts, just because. So, for the record, you’re: racist, bigoted, obnoxious, and you hate the bewbs and those of us that admire them. You’re like the grinch with hemorrhagic fever, your family must truly treasure you during the holidays. Don’t ever change!

          • Jeffery says:

            I thought the silly posts with pictures of women that Con Men can only obtain by force were for open comments.

            What comment set you off this time? Criticizing the Predator-in-Chief for forcing himself on women?

        • Fargo says:

          I wonder if your first kiss to Misses Jeffery was asked for by her or did you sorta force it on her? I bet she was forced because we know that women hate sex and want nothing to do with it. Its why so many of them abort babies. They were forced into having sex by men who are evil bastards. Especially White men in power. Oh but I see in your list some black men in power who seemed to have partaken of the same exploits.

          Do you think it is okay for a black man or a democrat to abuse women because they have power?

          If not then why do you only rail against Trump and Not against the rest of the swamp. Could it be that you really don’t care about the women. You only care about using the women for more political leverage?

          Yeah I believe that is it. Jeffery hates women by his very failure to call out any and every DOTARD reserving his comments only to Roy Moore and Trump.

          Yep its pretty conclusive while I want all these asswipes in congress and in positions of unelected power GONE, fried, incarcerated for their disgressions, its quite clear that YOU only want the DOTARD gone and the rest of them get a pass.

          IT is you who is the bane of womens existence. I watched Chris Wallace with a GOP and a Democratic woman on at the same time. Both railing against the Roy Moore and Trump. I would agree. There is one mighty difference.

          One is considered innocent until proven guilty. That is a bedrock of the American justice system. So if this is allowed to stand in Moores case then the new playbook by the left will simply be to hire victims to besmerch their names until the Dem wins the election.

          Think long and hard about what your begging for. A republican to replace a republican. A conservative justice replaced a conservative justice. They tried this shit with Clarence Thomas and it failed. Letting it succeed will put the entire system so far under the swamp that no one will be able to run for office again.

          The minute a candidate declares superpacs will be lining the women up, paying them to denigrate lefties and righties.

          What goes around in this swamp comes around. Next election it will be the right doing this to YOUR candidate. What ever happened to due process in this country?

          • Jeffery says:

            I was actually critical of President Clinton and his sexual harassment of his intern. But you’re right that the Dems let America down by not taking the claims seriously. I didn’t think Senator Franken should have resigned and should have had an Ethics investigation. But it was his choice (although with heavy pressure). I said many times that tRump and Senator Franken should resign together.

            A recent focus group (run by GOPer Frank Luntz) revealed that GOP Alabama believe all the accusers of Roy Moore are paid to lie about him. And so it goes. Just as with Bill Clinton, the “tribes” will support their own, making excuses for bad behaviors in order to maintain the power of the tribe (whether Repub or Dem).

            Why single out tRump for his transgressions? He’s the president and is harming the nation, that’s why. Why did Con Men attack President and Mrs. Obama with scurrilous (and unsubstantiated) accusations relentlessly? Because they hated his policy positions, what he stood for and, I suspect, because they thought he was harming the nation.

            We get it. Con Men feel under attack this past decade. Blacks, gays, Muslims and Mexicans are getting all kinds of rights, often perceived by the right as “special” rights. The 1950s TV culture is disappearing. While the economy is doing great for the well-to-do, it sucks for working stiffs with actual productive jobs. Wages are flat, costs are going up, local taxes are going up… even two wage families are having a tough time. Saving for the future is hard. Defined pensions are a thing of the past.

            DC pols talk about slashing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Drug use is rampant. It was in this context that tRump rode in promising to fix everything. Cheaper, better healthcare for everyone, everyone’s gonna be covered. Jobs will come streaming back, everyone’s gonna work. How long will the 70% wait for him to fulfill his promises?

            Roy Moore has been credibly accused of long ago fondling underage girls. One female defender (from the Luntz forum), excused Moore since it was over her underwear, he let her leave when she asked to, and that 40 years ago in Alabama it was a different world and 14 year old girls were considered marriage material. Maybe so.

  8. Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

    There ya go, that’s where you really shine. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  9. Fargo says:

    The poor fellow has dementia, perhaps worse than President Reagan’s.

    You quite obviously have dementia and the OP lets you comment here even though most of what you say makes very little sense, we still humor you. Because its what good people do to those people like you stuck in nursing homes with nothing but a computer to keep them happy as they make up stories about a failed life and then believe their own stories.

    • Jeffery says:

      TEACH can block me at any time. You, like some other commenters here, are reduced to name calling and personal assaults. It’s OK, just one more lazy Con Man to ignore. Buh bye.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Why would Teach block you, little guy?
        You’re the best click-bait he has going.

      • Fargo says:

        Name calling begits name calling. Remember that when you call your nurse names and try to beat her up when she suggests that you need an enema for what ails you.

  10. Fargo says:

    Why single out tRump for his transgressions? He’s the president and is harming the nation, that’s why. Why did Con Men attack President and Mrs. Obama with scurrilous (and unsubstantiated) accusations relentlessly? Because they hated his policy positions, what he stood for and, I suspect, because they thought he was harming the nation.

    There you go. You readily admit that you are throwing out scurrilous accusations because you believe Trump is harming the nation.

    In the meantime.

    Unemployment is way down. Black home Ownership just reached an all time high. The stock market is running amuck. We have created 16,000 MANUFACTURING JOBS A MONTH FOR 9 months. In obama’s last year we LOST 16000 in an entire year.

    Thousands of regulations have been rolled back causing people to HIRE not hoarde money or else unemployment would not be coming down.

    ISIS is practically defeated in In the Middle East. Every member of the UN Security council voted to heavily sanction the NOKO idiot. Japan and SOKO are doing joint military exercises in a show of force which is forcing China to deal with NOKO unlike the previous presidents who just kicked the can.

    88 pieces of legislation has been signed by this president since he took office. The most in the history of the US. Only Truman could compare to this amount of legislation.

    Trump is doing what he says. Remind me again how many MUSLIMS who are American citizens have been thrown out of America. Remind me again of how Trump Handled the DACA situation? Why that would be handing it to congress and letting them do their jobs.

    Remind me again of how many hollywood, MSM and congressmen are biting the dust because they are being exposed in a nation that now is not so ff’ing policially correct that women are willing to now come forward knowing that Trump supporters….not GOP supporters but Trump supporters have their backs.

    Roy Moore. If he is guilty he will be hung in the senate. Lets have some justice in this world. The Dems cast him under the bus so they can continue with their politically motivated resistance to trump. They do not care about women as once again their actions just show they are using them for political expediency.

    You need to do some soul searching. Look in the mirror and be nice to that nurse.

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