Super Snowflake: Lindsay Vonn Won’t Represent President In Olympics

#Resistantrum in play

(CNN) A number of US athletes have spoken out against Donald Trump during his presidency — and skier Lindsey Vonn has become the latest to have her say.

Targeting Olympic gold at February’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Vonn is in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where she spoke passionately about what it means to compete for the US ski team.

“Well I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president,” Vonn told CNN’s Alpine Edge.

And Vonn revealed she wouldn’t accept an invitation to the White House if she were to win gold at Pyeongchang.

“Absolutely not,” said Vonn. “No. But I have to win to be invited. No actually I think every US team member is invited so no I won’t go.

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15 Responses to “Super Snowflake: Lindsay Vonn Won’t Represent President In Olympics”

  1. Dana says:

    That’s her right. Then again, it’s also the right of the public not to buy any of the products she endorses.

  2. Dan says:

    Perhaps in the past a “open invitation” was given to all Olympic team members, but we have computers now and I am sure we can just as easily send out invitations individually.

  3. Blick says:

    Won’t be watching the olympics.

  4. Mike says:

    Have you seen her ski outfits? They look like a NASCAR car with all the sponsor’s stickers on they. Plus, she gave the interview wearing a hat with a big Red Bull logo on the front. Her “I represent the American people” shtick might be more believable if she weren’t a billboard for her corporate sponsors.

    BTW, we know who the “Reds” are and we know what “Bull” is short for!

  5. Suppo says:

    This Mud Shark needs to come to the realization that she is a “One Trick Pony”, and why her opinion is considered newsworthy cannot be rationally explained.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Mud shark

    • Jeffery says:

      Mud Shark

      Who knows why white girls prefer successful and wealthy Black men over poor, uneducated, abusive white boys. LOL.

      One Trick Pony

      Her one trick is to be the best skier in history. tRump’s one trick is to be the worst president in history.

      and why her opinion is considered newsworthy cannot be rationally explained

      and yet here you and TEACH are attacking her for her opinion.

      • A: don’t lump me in with the mud shark thing.

        B: Am I not allowed to laugh at her silliness?

        • Hoss says:

          Did you really “LOL” Jeffy? Gay. I gotta admit, I almost LOLed when you mentioned white boys being abusive compared to black guys. And dude, with the economy that Trump is driving it’s going to show more and more what a complete failure Obama was as president (and these investigations are going to show what dirty, corrupt pieces of shit he and has comrades were while in office).

  6. Jeffery says:

    Some “snowflake”. You’re the one being the whiny titty baby.

    As well as competing for a second Olympic gold medal in South Korea, she is attempting to break the record of 86 World Cup victories held by Ingemar Stenmark since 1989.

    What have you ever accomplished? LOL.

    Only 32% of Americans, mostly white, evangelical, high school dropouts, approve of tRump, so it’s no wonder that one of the world’s most renowned athletes finds him deplorable. And it’s no wonder that a right-wing blogger attacks a very successful woman. When will tRump twit about her?

    • tim says:

      Donald Trump is the President of the United States and a very successful and wealthy real estate developer. What have you accomplished? LOL.

      • Jeffery says:


        What have you accomplished?

        A lot. And I did it without millions in family money. I did it without assaulting anyone, let alone women. I did it without committing treason and inducing my children to commit treason. I did it without lying and cheating. And I always paid my taxes. We have an anti-cancer drug that will soon be approved by the FDA. We hope that you or that anyone you know never needs it, but if you do, you’re welcome.

        Lindsey Vonn accomplished everything by hard work. Every Giant Slalom gold is the culmination of thousands of hours of training; a lifetime of hard work with no guarantees. She’s a winner. Lindsey Vonn never hurt America. tRump never had to work. He’s a loser. He harms the nation daily. He has a severe, progressive neurodegenerative disease.

        Ms. Vonn is white so tRump probably won’t attack her.

  7. Jeffery says:

    You misspelled “Lindsey”. Like the majority of Americans, Ms. Vonn is embarrassed to have Donald tRump as our president.

    • Hoss says:

      We get it, we were embarrassed we had a community organizer for president for 8 years.

      • Jeffery says:

        But President Obama showed no evidence of severe, progressive neurodegeneration as poor Mr. tRump does.

        Most of the world, and 70% of Americans disapprove of the antics of the poor Mr. tRump, based as they are on a disease, whereas President Obama had high approvals from most (except the US white nationalists and Mr. Putin, who now adore the rapidly declining Mr. tRump).

        Mr. tRump has a severe, progressive disease. We were wrong earlier. Mr. tRump may not be evil, but just very sick. We were wrong to denigrate an ill person. Most of his supporters ARE evil white nationalists, though. Regardless, he needs to be removed for the good of the nation, for the good of the world. But not to worry, you’ll still have Mike Pence to sign Con Man bills.

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