‘Climate Change’ Might Lower Salaries Or Something

The latest in scary this might possibly maybe could we think prognostications from the Cult of Climastrology, and this is a Whopper from the same people who think abortion on demand is super awesome, and that fetus’ are just lumps of tissue

Climate Change Might Lower Salaries

Even if countries take moderate action on climate change, by the end of this century, Phoenix is expected to have an extra month of days above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, while Washington, D.C., is expected to have another three weeks of these sweltering days, as the Climate Impact Lab and New York Times reported.

A new study suggests that even days that are an average of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or 32 Celsius, might have long-term, negative impacts on developing fetuses. The stress of the hot weather might show up as reduced human capital once those fetuses reach adulthood.

Maya Rossin-Slater, a health-policy professor at Stanford University, said she and her team wanted to understand the long-term consequences of climate change on people. For the study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, she and other researchers looked at data on births, weather, and earnings in half the states in the United States. For a given county, on a given day, they measured how many days above 90 degrees a child born that day would have experienced during gestation and during their first year of life. They then compared that person’s salary as an adult to someone born in that same county on that same day in other years.

It turned out fetuses and infants exposed to a single extra 90-plus degree day made $30 less a year, on average, or $430 less over the course of their entire lifetimes. Right now, the average American only experiences one such day a year. (This study looked at the average temperature throughout the entire day, not the highest temperature that day.) By the end of the century, there will be about 43 such days a year.

They went looking for an answer to their beliefs, and, shockingly, found one! I wonder how long it will be till this study is memory holed because it had serious issues?

What’s more, the study used data from the 1970s, when more and more people were installing air conditioners in their houses. The researchers found the difference in earnings went away in areas where most people got air conditioners installed.

These are the same air conditioners that Warmists want to make really, really expensive for Other People, particularly Blacks and Asians.

It’s not entirely clear how hot temperatures would be causing this dip in earnings. Fetuses and infants are especially sensitive to heat because they don’t yet have the ability to self-regulate their body temperatures. Rossin-Slater said there are three potential pathways by which being too hot could impact the fetus: The heat could overstress it, which could affect the child’s health. Heat could also affect how nutrients are delivered to the fetus, or harm its cognitive development, and thus potentially things like focus or self-control.

Interesting. They really aren’t sure, but they’ll be happy to scaremonger.

The climate scam reduces Warmist IQs by 50 points.

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3 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Might Lower Salaries Or Something”

  1. Jl says:

    “Climate change may lower salaries.” Yes, a carbon tax would tend to do that.

  2. Rotterdam says:

    A quote from the study. So 270 days for conception to birth and then 365 days for their first year. In almost all of that time in many,many countries around the world….

    Every day that temperatures rise above 32 ËšC, or just shy of 90 ËšF, from conception to the age of one is associated with a 0.1 percent decrease in average income at the age o

    Why suddenly at age one does things change and now your just okay with 90 degree temperatures?

    The nations that fit this scenario would the third world nations of Africa, Asia and much of South America and the sub continent where there are no jobs, no opportunity and no governments in place to guarantee income of any kind.

    This is one of the most flawed studies I have ever seen. That is akin to saying if you go to the moon without enough oxygen you have a great chance of dying.

    Well if you live in Somalia there is a great likelyhood that your not going to earn much of a living wage. or Chad, Or Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia etc.

  3. Rotterdam says:

    I studied to liberals and came to the conclusion that they are mentally deranged and delusional. My sample size consisted of Two liberals incarcerated for murder. It occurred to us that Liberals have a 100 percent chance of committing murder. In addition the fact that everyone in our study group were incarcerated for violent crimes showed that the liberal mindset is one of hate and anger.

    The control group consisted of two crazed maniacs locked up for schizophrenia. They consistently showed abnormal behavior which further led us to conclude that Liberalism is a disease that can only be treated with candy canes and snowflakes in order to end the hopeless hostility that is obvious to everyone who took part in this year long study.

    Conclusions of this study show without a doubt that liberals are violent and delusional with tendencies towards violence and have a great degree of likely hood to be locked up.

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