Politico: Clinton Should Run For Tom Cotton’s Arkansas Seat Or Something

The ideas that hardcore leftists like Politico’s Bill Scher come up with

Clinton Should Run for Cotton’s Senate Seat

With rumors swirling that Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton will soon head for the CIA, another Senate race may be added to the 2018 list. The safe money is for an open seat in Arkansas to stay in Republican hands. But who thought Alabama would host a competitive Senate race? If Democrats can find a credible candidate, and unruly Republican voters again fail to take their nomination process seriously, anything could happen.

However, to call the Arkansas Democratic Party a shell would be an insult to turtles. There are no Democratic officials holding statewide office, nor any in the U.S. House delegation. Out of the 135 members of the Arkansas state legislature, only 33—less than 25 percent—are Democrats. Not a single Democrat has yet stepped up to run for governor next year. The only Democratic Senate prospect that Arkansas Times columnist Jay Barth could come up with isn’t even a Democrat, but former Republican state House Speaker Davy Carter, who has been critical of President Donald Trump and could run as “an Independent with Democratic backing.”

If Arkansas Democrats want to field a serious Democrat, there’s only one name to consider. I’m talking, of course, about Clinton.

Scher goes on to note all the baggage that both Bill and Hillary carry, like Hillary’s lying, being super unpopular, etc, oh, and Bill’s sexual assaults and such, so…..

That leaves us with one Clinton: Chelsea.

She has the Clinton name but little of the Clinton baggage. She wouldn’t hurt for name recognition or campaign cash. She’s vice chair of the controversy magnet known as the Clinton Foundation, but emails released during the presidential campaign by WikiLeaks and the State Department show Chelsea getting caught doing good, seeking to root out corruption by foundation officials and warning of problems with Haiti earthquake relief.

So, another carpet bagger. Sure, she might have been born in Arkansas, but, at this point, she’s a New Yorker through and through. She doesn’t live in Arkansas, and hasn’t for a long, long time. It’d be fun asking her things like “what do you think of your father sexually assaulting women?” and “do you think federal officials should obstruct justice, refuse to read security requirement documents, and use un-sanctioned, un-approved, in-secure servers to hold America’s national security material?” And then there would be questions about shady activities in the Clinton Foundation, which Chelsea was involved in.

As Legal Insurrection notes

The idea of the Clinton dynasty just will not die, and poor Chelsea is going to be sacrificed on its altar. Remember when the media and left was pushing the idea of a Chelsea run for the U. S. House of Representatives in New York? That fizzled out quickly.

Not only is the progressive base less than excited about a Chelsea Clinton in elected office, but Chelsea has all of her mother’s less desirable traits and none of her father’s political instincts or charisma. As such, she’s not a likely candidate for anything much less the U. S. Senate.

I’m up for her running. It’d be fun having her show her disdain for Arkansas and those icky Flyover country/Jesusland folks, and the resulting questions about her parents and their shady dealings and doings.

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10 Responses to “Politico: Clinton Should Run For Tom Cotton’s Arkansas Seat Or Something”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    With rumors swirling that …

    One should be wary of anonymous sources and stories ginned up by the press.

    E.g. Brian Ross.

  2. Jeffery says:

    “what do you think of your father sexually assaulting women?”

    TEACH asked Ivanka tRump, never.

    One could reasonably ask Mrs. Kushner, “what do you think of your father molesting you?”

    One thing we can say for certain is that the daughters of these two gropers turned out better than their fathers.

    Are children responsible for the sins of their parents? Jared Kushner’s dad did time for witness tampering, illegal campaign contributions and tax evasion. Did you ever twit about Jared’s dad? Maybe his criminal upbringing contributed to his troubles with the law today.


    • drowningpuppies says:

      Yep. Old Charlie did time same as Chelsea’s father-in-law Ed Mezvinsky.
      Both crooks.
      Both big time Democrat donors

  3. Jeffery says:

    Maybe Arkansans are tired of the GOP turning every red state into third world sh!tholes.

    Oklahoma school districts are reducing attendance days from 5 to 4 per week because they’re running out of money.

    Sam Brownback’s massive tax cut experiment in Kansas was a pathetic failure.

    On the other hand, another “laboratory of democracy”, North Carolina, has yet to suffer Oklahoma’s and Kansas’ catastrophic failures at the hands of conservative “supply-side” economic notions, but it’s early yet. There is mounting concern that the state coffers are running low and they’ll have to start cutting services.

    But we rich folks will have more money to save and invest! (And this is why the stock market loves the tRump/GOP scam.)

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Says the little guy who lives in one of the biggest shitholes in the U.S. — St. Louis.

    • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

      Were your thesis true, one would expect a net loss in citizens for red states as they flee for the greener economic pastures of sweet sweet blue state life. That’s what we see today?

  4. Rotterdam says:

    Sam Brownback’s massive tax cut experiment in Kansas was a pathetic failure.

    Define failure.

    Thirty-One States Face Revenue Shortfalls for the 2017 Fiscal Year

    VT, RI, CT, Co, NM, NY, WA, OR, MD, MA, VA, IL. Okay thats 13 of the 20 states that voted for HRC and are most definitely DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED.

    Yet you point to KS as your lone example. One of the things the left conviently leaves out like the Brookings Institutuion is that Coal was destroyed. Many of those Red states facing budget deficits are the result of lost revenues for 6-8 years due to their coal being destroyed.

    In fact a look into the deal shows that Wyomings Deficit is due to Uranium One being sold to the russians and the destruction of the coal industry by Obama.

    Yet what are the reasons for the blue states deficits. Those states that wax their population with hefty state income taxes and high sales and property taxes?

    But your example is KS or Oklahoma who are struggling. There are 31 states struggling after 8 years of Obamanomics.

  5. Rotterdam says:

    *Actually my Apologies there are 15 traditional blue states facing revenue shortfalls out of the basically 23 that vote Democratic, even though PA, MI and WI voted GOP this last election.

    I forgot to Include WI,Pa and DE.

    So again 15 of the 23 Blue states that tax the crap out of their citizens are facing budget shortfalls.

    Explain that one? They should be rolling in the dough with all those state, local, property and sales taxes that they expend. Not to mention federal dollars. How is it that these states have ghettos, with all this massive amount of awesome taxation that is Of course PROGRESSIVE as you like to say?

    Explain please.

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