U.S. Companies Ignore Trump On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Interestingly, Trump doesn’t care. Have you ever heard him complain about cities, states, U.S. companies, or citizens practicing Hotcoldwetdry measures within their own “lives”? He only really cares that the U.S. government not burden its citizens with Hotcoldwetdry legislation, taxes/fees, and regulations

(UK Guardian) Since taking office, Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, rolled back numerous protections against environmental pollution and espoused coal as the fuel of the future, all in the name of job creation and ending what he sees as the “theft of American prosperity”.

Yet the big businesses he claims to champion are increasingly choosing to ignore the US president’s sceptical stance on climate change and press ahead towards their own environmental goals without him.

Several of the country’s corporate giants, including Walmart, General Motors, Ford and Mars, appeared this week at the second annual Companies v Climate Change conference in Miami to showcase their progress and reinforce their belief that sustainability and other green targets can be achieved irrespective of the policies and purpose of the White House.

He never asked them to stop. But, hey, how about GM and Ford give up producing fossil fueled vehicles? If they really care, you know. And WalMart can stop bringing in products from overseas that come on fossil fueled ships and transported by fossil fueled 18 wheelers? If they want to (pretend) to care about the climate scam, they’re welcome to do it. This is what’s called “free choice.”

For Jason Youner, chief executive and founder of Companies v Climate Change, it is further proof that green-thinking American businesses are filling the environmental void created by the Trump administration’s cynicism.

“The corporate sector is not paying heed to the president’s agenda. They’re making all kinds of commitments and they’re putting all kinds of policies in place and changing the way they operate and do business and making a lot of improvements,” he said.

Actually, they are. The agenda is that if people and private entities want to Do Something on their own, go for it. These same companies would pitch a fit if the Government forced them to Do Something.

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