The Same People Who Predicted Eclipse Predict Climate Scam

If the same people were involved, their computer models would have said the eclipse would be in the Southern hemisphere. Going backwards

So far, pretty much everything the Cult of Climastrology has predicted has failed.

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6 Responses to “The Same People Who Predicted Eclipse Predict Climate Scam”

  1. kevino says:

    The ancient Mayans predicted global warming? wow. I didn’t know that.

  2. Jeffery says:

    pretty much everything the Cult of Climastrology has predicted has failed.

    So the Earth is not warming? Make up your “mind”.

    Climate science predicted that the Earth would warm from the CO2 humans dump into the atmosphere. In fact, Svante Arrhenius predicted just that, not by conjuring, but by evaluating the results of his experiments. And he did this over 100 years ago.

    The science of global warming is solid, regardless of what dumb bodybuilder and TV weatherman Joe Bastardi twits.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Global Mean With Real Temps for:

      2016 – 288.0°K +/-0.5°
      2015 – 287.8°K +/-0.5°
      2014 – 287.7°K +/-0.5°

      Baseline 1981-2010: 287.4°K +/-0.5°

      Frightening, isn’t it?

  3. Jeffery says:

    You get your climate science from a TV weatherman/bodybuilder (Bastardi) and an Aussie plasterer (Spry)?

    Color me a science elitist.

    Do you think that either bastardi or spry could model the next total eclipse to the exact second? We don’t think so either. That relies on science.

    Here’s prediction #1 of 2013 from Spry’s blog:

    1 Significant temperature drop at about 2016-17

    LOL. Nice conjure, non-scientist.

    • Hoss says:

      Says the dude whose climate Messiah (Gore) is a government major who was admittedly piss-poor at science and math, and who is seconded by a scientist-in-TV-name only (Nye). Read: piss off.

  4. jl says:

    From DJSmith- “Actually, eclipses are not “predicted”. They’re CALCULATED. A prediction is about an uncertain future”. More liberal intelligence

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