North Korea’s Demands Are As Reasonable As Democrat Party Impeachment Demands

North Korean nutjob leader Kim Jong Un has a few demands, which sound about as sane as Democrats demanding impeachment, demanding Trump resign, thinking that they can use the 25th Amendment, and thinking that Hillary will end up president

(USA Today) North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is rushing to develop nuclear missiles that can reach the United States, saying they are needed to deter an attack on his country.

If there are ever any talks with the Trump administration to defuse an increasingly dangerous crisis, here are five of Kim’s demands — though he shouldn’t count on getting them all met.

In fact, there has been back-channel diplomacy between the Trump administration and North Korea. Love him or loathe him, don’t make the mistake in thinking Trump is just winging it. Everyone figured Trump was doing just that during the election, because it sounded like that, like he wasn’t 100% scripted. This guy is a big time businessman, and you can bet he has a SMART action plan for everything.

Anyhow, here are the minor demands

  • Guarantees of no overthrow by U.S.
  • Keep nuclear weapons
  • Lift sanctions
  • Remove U.S. troops from South Korea
  • Negotiate formal end to Korean War

Is that all? Might as well ask for the moon. The only one that seems even close to possible would be a formal end to the Korean War, but, even there, the U.S. would surely demand the end of the nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs, along with standing down all the conventional forces along the DMZ area, capable of demolishing the capital city of Seoul, along with several other big population areas in South Korea.

Meanwhile, Democrats area also being totally reasonable, as they take the side of Kim Jong Un over that of the President of the United States. Remember, back in the Obama days, they called this treason.

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2 Responses to “North Korea’s Demands Are As Reasonable As Democrat Party Impeachment Demands”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The TEACH adoringly types:

    This guy is a big time businessman, and you can bet he has a SMART action plan for everything.


    tRumpski has gone bankrupt several times, cheating investors out millions of dollars each time. He is a big time con man and a grifter. He IS good at cheating others and landing on his feet. He IS good at manipulating the system to his benefit. He IS transactional on a moment to moment basis, lying, manipulating and exaggerating to get him through acute challenges. He IS an American gangster, in years past in bed with the Gambino and Genovese Mafia families. He IS associated with drug kingpins and criminals large and petty.

    One thing is certain, Mafia Don tRumpski will use the North Korea brouhaha to his benefit.

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