If All You See…

…is a float needed for a world covered in carbon pollution flooding, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post noting that for reporters, Trump is the enemy, not North Korea.

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19 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Jeffery says:

    At the gathering of Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists in Charlottesville VA, David Duke had this to say:

    “This represents a turning point for the people of this country. We are determined to take our country back. We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we believed in, that’s why we voted for Donald Trump. Because he said he’s going to take our country back. That’s what we gotta do.” … and that Trump “should remember that white Americans were the ones that put him in office.”

    • david7134 says:

      It seems that your man Obama has triggered something. Of course he is not by himself. Our great press has created substantial turmoil. Stupid liberals like yourself have pushed the issue. At the end of the day, you played right into Dukes hands and he now has the ammunition to cause the harm he has wanted since the 60s.

  2. JGlanton says:

    LOL. Sad little dems try to tether Duke to every Republican. Sounds just like the new black panthers reaction when obama was elected. Racists will be racists. Ignore them.

  3. Jeffery says:

    So you agree that the Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists need to be smothered?

  4. Jeffery says:

    The GOP is calling out tRumpski for not criticizing the Neo-Nazis and white Supremacists.

    Senator Hatch Office

    We should call evil by its name. My brother didn’t give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home.


    What ” WhiteNatjonalist” are doing in Charlottesville is homegrown terrorism that can’t be tolerated anymore that what Any extremist does

    Marco Rubio

    Very important for the nation to hear @potus describe events in #Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by #whitesupremacists

    Cory Gardner

    Mr. President – we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism.

    Senator Hatch Office

    Their tiki torches may be fueled by citronella but their ideas are fueled by hate, & have no place in civil society.

    Jeff Flake‏
    Verified account
    The #WhiteSupremacy in #Charlottesville does not reflect the values of the America I know. Hate and bigotry have no place in this country.

    Tim Scott

    Domestic terror in #Charlottesville must be condemned by
     Otherwise hate is simply emboldened.

  5. Jeffery says:

    It will be up to the Trump regime and their supporters to pressure their Neo-Nazi and white supremacist brethren to stop.

  6. Jeffery says:


    Do you agree that Neo-Nazis and white supremacists do not deserve the support of the our citizens and government?

    • david7134 says:

      Of you are discriminating against those then throw in BLM, the NAACP, communist party and the anitfa.

  7. Jeffery says:

    Trump criticizes any and all EXCEPT Neo-Nazis/white supremacist/far-right terrorists/Russians.

    Do you agree that the deliberate driving of a car by a white supremacist into a crowd of anti-Nazi protestors is a right-wing terrorist attack? One was killed, two dozen injured.

    • david7134 says:

      Of you are discriminating against those then throw in BLM, the NAACP, communist party and the anitfa.

  8. david7134 says:

    Jeff, if you are going to lie, don’t comment.

  9. Jeffery says:

    We knew Kleagle dave would defend the Nazis, the KKK, white supremacy and domestic terrorism.

    Thank you for never disappointing.

    Here’s the deal putz. We’re not going back to the days of the KKK, white supremacists and stupid wannabe Nazis. The American people won’t stand for it. tRumpski has overplayed his hand on this one.

  10. Jeffery says:

    Ruh roh… tRumpski suspects his chief advisor on white supremacy, Steve Bannon, is a big fat leaker.


    If tRumpski fires Bannon AND criticizes the neo-Nazis he’ll lose his most rabid followers.

  11. Jeffery says:

    Texas Senator Ted Cruz called for a car attack in Virginia to be labeled domestic terrorism, and the FBI has announced it is investigating the incident as a federal civil rights case.
    ‘I urge the Department of Justice to immediately investigate and prosecute this grotesque act of domestic terrorism,’ Cruz said in a statement responding to the Saturday attack in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    Rob Portman: The tragedy in Charlottesville was domestic terrorism. We must all condemn hatred and white nationalism.

    Chuck Grassley: What “white nationalists” are doing in Charlottesville is homegrown terrorism that can’t be tolerated any more than What any extremist does.

    In a statement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions says U.S. Attorney Rick Mountcastle has begun the investigation and will have the full support of the Justice Department.
    Sessions says, ‘The violence and deaths in Charlottesville strike at the heart of American law and justice.’
    He adds, ‘When such actions arise from racial bigotry and hatred, they betray our core values and cannot be tolerated.’

    Can any Cesspoolian bring themselves to condemn the Neo-Nazis, the KKK or the White Supremacist organizations? Note that the leader of your Cult, tRumpski, could bring himself to condemn them either.

    You and tRumpski have sided with Nazis, the KKK and White Supremacists. Why?

    • david7134 says:

      You do realize that the majority of violence was precipitated by the liberals? Even the guy in the car can defend his actions as he was being attacked. Why don’t you grow up?

      • Jeffery says:


        If all you’re going to do is lie, please don’t comment hear, you old White Supremacist, you.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          If all you’re going to do is lie, please don’t comment hear(sic)…

          Funny, little jeffuckery is still commenting HERE.
          Oh well, a mewling quim has gotta mewl.

        • david7134 says:

          I am truly sorry Jeff, but you have rarely had a truthful statement the entire time you have commented.

  12. Jeffery says:

    It was our impression that Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists were marching with torches chanting awful slogans – “Jews Will Not Replace Us!”, Hitler’s famous “Blood and Soil!”, “You Will Not Replace Us!”, “The Goyim Know!”, … wearing Nazi clothing and playing dress up in military-esque costumes. Waving your confederate flags and swastikas, Hitler quotes on your shirts…

    Real Americans will not tolerate this behavior.

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