Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Causes Little Known Tribe To Give Up Being Vegan

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Climate change effect: Ladakhi tribe no longer vegan

The little-known Brokpa tribals of Ladakh, who claim to have been vegans for some 2,200 years of their existence, are slowly opting for an alternative diet including dairy products, eggs and meat — thanks to climate change.

Climate change has made summer and winter warmer and seen the advent of pests, leading to a significant drop in their traditional crops, forcing the Brokpa to change their lifestyle.

“We have had to shift to an alternative lifestyle, not exactly what the Brokpa once used to be. People also consume meat. Some old folks still avoid this, but eggs, meat and milk are on the menu,” Tsering Namjial, the Nambardar or head of Dha village, told this visiting IANS correspondent.

This is all Al Gore’s fault your fault for refusing to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, refusing to move to a tiny home, and refusing to live like it’s 1499.

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One Response to “Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Causes Little Known Tribe To Give Up Being Vegan”

  1. JGlanton says:

    India has always had droughts and floods. It’s long been one of the most difficult climates for subsistence farming and this has influenced the dietary tenets of their religious beliefs.

    From Wiki:

    The Brogpa economy has shifted from agropastoralism to wage labor, and the division of labor that relied on stratifications of age and gender is now obsolete. The Brogpa transition to private property, monogamy, nuclear families, formal education, wage labor, and their incorporation into a highly militarized economy of soldiering and portering illuminates the complex workings of modernity in Ladakh

    They are modernizing, getting educated, and have property rights. It’s no wonder that they are forgoing tradition and changing to a diet more commensurate with gains in wealth instead of subsistence farming. We should be happy for them!

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