New Term: Climate Gentrification

Here’s a great way of combing hatred for Caucasians and ‘climate change’

BLACK MAG: ‘Climate Gentrification’ Could Price Black People Out Of Their Homes

Black activists in southern Florida worry man-made global warming will change the makeup of traditionally minority communities in the greater Miami area, according to a black online magazine.

The Root published the first in a three-part series on the way “race, climate and gentrification intersect and impact black communities in Miami.” The article reports how activists, like Paulette Richards, are trying to get residents of Liberty City worried about future sea level rise.

Funny how it seems to be A-OK for some folks to complain about other folks moving into their neighborhoods, but, it’s utterly unacceptable for Whites to complain about minorities moving into their neighborhoods. Hypocrisy. Interestingly, the minorities complaining about gentrification in the Miami area are seeing property values living conditions rise while crime go down.

Because of global warming “[h]igher ground becomes essential—and more valuable—as coastal communities in the United States battle chronic flooding as a result of rising sea levels,” The Root reported, quoting University of Miami professor George Eberli who said sea level is “about four millimeters per year or even a bit faster.”

“That means in six years, that’ll be about an inch higher in sea level,” Eberli said. “And in 60 years, 10 inches or in 70 years a foot higher. So it is pretty fast, even if it doesn’t seem like a lot per year.”

The Miami Beach data center hasn’t been operational since 1981. One would think it would be rather important to have actual data, would it not? It only showed 2.39mm. Vaca Key shows 3.63mm, but only back to 1971. The best, longest data point is Mayport, Florida, which shows 2.59mm per year, going all the way back to 1928. Key West shows 2.4mm, back to 1913. Entirely consistent with a low level warm period.

But, the facts do not matter, because this is just another case anti-white bigotry in our so-called post-racial world.

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