‘Climate Change’ To Massively Increase Deaths In The Future Or Something

Today’s doomathon story, because, having given up on actual science and watching their cult lose influence, attempting to scare people is all they have left

Climate change set to increase air pollution deaths massively by 2100

Climate change is set to increase the amount of ground-level ozone and fine particle pollution we breathe, which leads to lung disease, heart conditions, and stroke. Less rain and more heat means this pollution will stay in the air for longer, creating more health problems.

Our research, published in Nature Climate Change, found that if climate change continues unabated, it will cause about 60,000 extra deaths globally each year by 2030, and 260,000 deaths annually by 2100, as a result of the impact of these changes on pollution.

So, why will this occur? Well, they state that it will change the air currents and cause stagnant air (wait, I thought it was going to increase air flow? No? Warmists are actually all over the place, calling for faster and slower winds) which will leave actual air pollution near to the ground along with more ozone. How did they arrive at this conclusion?

This is the most comprehensive study to date on the effects of climate change on global air quality and health. Researchers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan and New Zealand between them used nine different global chemistry-climate models.

Most models showed an increase in likely deaths – the clearest signal yet of the harm climate change will do to air quality and human health, adding to the millions of people who die from air pollution every year.

Sigh. More models. And it looks like they completely discounted the ones that disagreed with their preconceived notions.

Using multiple models makes the results more robust than using a single model. There is some spread of results amongst the nine models used here, with a few models estimating that climate change may decrease air pollution-related deaths. This highlights that results from any study using a single model should be interpreted with caution.

Unlike the caution shown in stating that ‘climate change’ will cause all these deaths.

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