SJW Doug Glanville Has Meltdown Over Mean Comments Towards Female ESPN Analyst

Doug Glanville, who was a heck of a baseball player, and a pretty good play by play guy now, has an Outrage (of course, like most SJWs, he’s never said a word about the sexism that’s part of Islam)

Who Gets To Call The Game?

(First 2 paragraphs about him going on a tear over the positioning of a player and Wrigley Park and stuff, due to his knowledge of the game)

Jessica Mendoza, the ESPN baseball analyst, does not have the advantage of being able to start any sentence with, “When I played for the Chicago Cubs.” True, she is an Olympic gold and silver medalist in softball; a trusted insider, according to colleagues, M.L.B. players and staff; and a diligent, inquisitive and passionate commentator.

She is also — even though some data suggests that 45 percent of baseball fans are women — ESPN’s first and only female M.L.B. analyst. Today, the vast majority of color commentators are either former Major League Baseball players or had direct major-league experience.

Which kinda makes sense, does it not? People watching and listening want the Voice Of Authority, and having a former player yammering on tends to lend credibility, which is why you see so many former athletes calling games and being on sports shows. Interestingly, the vast majority on ESPN are, get this, men. Therefore, ESPN must be sexist.

Still, Mendoza’s standing brings out the underbelly of sports fans’ taste for sexism. It goes beyond casual disagreements about her opinion or jabs because she picked one team over another, and gets at the core of her existence. These comments, mainly from social media, tell her she has no business even being there:

Here are the five cited

  • “She doesn’t belong in the booth with men discussing a game she knows nothing about. It’s like watching a game with a girlfriend.”
  • “So glad we have Jessica Mendoza to commentate. Her years of playing a completely different sport totally makes her qualified.”
  • “Jessica Mendoza is that annoying sister your mom makes you bring everywhere.”
  • “I just changed the channel to ESPN2 so I could stop listening to Jessica Mendoza. BTW I don’t understand Spanish.”
  • “I hate hearing men commentating softball, and I hate hearing women commentating baseball.”

Only the first and last are pretty much sexism. But, really, people are sexist. Racist. Bigoted. Jerks. Welcome to Life On Earth. But, if that’s the worst Glanville can find, it’s really not much. And some people are just not going to like the person in the broadcast booth. I bet you can think of a few you can’t stand. I cannot stand the guys who do the Boston Bruins TV home games, nor the Montreal Canadians. Big time homers. Nor Trip Tracy for the Carolina Hurricanes. I can just barely tolerate the Hurricanes radio announcer, Chuck Kaiton, because he mispronounces the names of players beyond belief.

Mendoza, like most, has to earn it. Not because she’s a woman, but because she’s rather new to the broadcast booth. Tony Romo, in the same manner, has to earn it, especially since he’s replacing one of the best in Phil Simms. Romo has a big uphill battle on his hands. I’ve never heard Mendoza, because ESPN seems to like to mostly broadcast Yankees and Redsox games, rather than Dodgers games. She may be good, she may not.

Does someone have to be a former player? Who was the best in the business? That’s right, Vin Scully, who never played professionally.

You know who else is great? Sherry Ross, who had been calling NJ Devils’ radio games before being let go (bad move, IMO). She didn’t play the game, either.

Really, though, the whole Glanville screed is about people being not allowed to have certain thoughts, and pushing the ESPN SJW agenda. If Mendoza is good, she’ll be recognized. And some people will still not like her, just like some do not like (insert name of broadcaster here). I hate every SF Giants and NY Rangers broadcaster regardless of sex because of who they work for. I don’t care if they’re good and knowledgeable. Makes no difference. They work for Evil teams.

Oh, and, it sure seems like Doug is attempting to protect Mendoza in a sexist, paternalistic manner, does it not?

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2 Responses to “SJW Doug Glanville Has Meltdown Over Mean Comments Towards Female ESPN Analyst”

  1. Bill W. says:

    Evil?? How can anyone hate Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti?? Go Rangers!!

  2. I’m a Devils fan, so, yup, evil 🙂

    Though, the MSG broadcasters are all good

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